On Women:

“Welcome to Man Mart!
Low, low prices every day!
Be sure to check out our discount shelf!
We have a special on used Matts!”

“Hi. I'd like to return this Matt.
He just didn't live up to my expectations.”
“Do you have the receipt?”
“Then all we can offer you is a gift card.
Though you also have the option
of exchanging him for someone
of equal or lesser value.
There's a sale righ...

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no title

It's time for bed,
the walrus said;
and so it is as now.
It's time for bed,
and so my head
is ready for the bow.
But words still gait
upon the wilt
of never and the row.
And gone are they
that hope and pray
for ever and for thou.

It's time for bed
the moon has said;
yet ever in her tide,
the moon is dead
and night has fled,
and dawn is by her side.
So wilt the sky,
in blossom ...

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