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Black Ringlets

It seems yesterday the house was full

Nothing seemed beyond our reach

We dashed about with endless brio

Spent days on end at the beach


I recall how you laughed and cried

The endless smiles adorning your face

Years have brought changes to our joy

Now life seems such a different place


I loved your black ringlets

That brightened every day

Your hair grew old as ...

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The Favor

Thank you for 

the favor

of pushing me away. 


For helping me see 

the price of loving you 

is too high to pay. 


For saving me 

a life of heartbreak, 

torment, and dismay. 


For all the things

you wanted to, 

but didn’t say. 


For apathy 

as I go 

my own way. 


I hope to repay 

the favor 


# # # 


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magic tumbled from his lips as he spoke of love filled promises,

dreaming of the day he'd feel.

empty, he was, the hollowness of his eyes prominent.

he kept his apathy concealed under a veil,

making them believe he felt the opposite.

death, to him, seemed almost.. ideal.


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Experimental Proposition Following Observation of Apathy

Schrodinger's cat

is both

in theory

Alive and Deceased

Poison has filled the bunker

but from the outside




is inconclusive

until futher analysis


In a similar


is Schrodinger's Student

who is both

here and absent

awake and asleep

consious and in coma

Fallen loved ones join Illness


in a dorm room


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apathycollegeConnor Lannesdepressionschrodingers catstudent

What A World

A world apathetic to the pain that apathy wrought.
How much apathy would one want to endure.
Such a delight to endure the degradation.
Ever a joy to degrade so slowly. Into quiet.

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Something To Say

entry picture

Something To Say.

I’ve got something to say about everything -
the bloody Tories and the bloody liberals
and that blood Farage with his bloody racism
and what about the bloody workers
and stop the bloody NHS cuts,
give us all a bloody living wage,
stop the bloody bankers bonuses,
plenty to say about benefits Britain
about the state of the nation,
about the house of lords,
about fracki...

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#firmagainstapathyapathygeneral electionviewsvote

The Cortege

Lived life being damned

in death getting adored


Extolled to extremities

in past all but abhorred


 Dwelled in deprivation

in livery being adorned


Hated earlier presence

absence now’s mourned


May the dear departed

find final resting place


Beyond the life of misery

or any recurring disgrace


Duplicitous sort facets

thus truly come t...

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Too Dead for Dreaming

I look at you

You don’t look back

You can’t hear what I’m saying

Blinkered, you start to backtrack

Into your world of playthings


I wish you’d join me

You never know what you might see.

A thousand fountains – a million forms of ecstasy

A trillion ways to make your brain cells dance

But you won’t even try, your pupils are too blind


I’ll speak to


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Festive Fever

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It's the biggest taboo going, hard for the Average Joe to grasp
why my maudlin mood seems to be out in force
of course, I never meant it to go this far
but those Three Kings Of Orient are getting on my tits
bored out of my wits with the same old performance
every single year, the songs grate on me
and the decor makes me sick
I detest inebriated revellers, and i...

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