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Dancing in the yard

entry picture

It was a long summer afternoon
a crackling fire lit the yard
the southern sun was setting
while I strummed my old guitar

It was her way of moving to the music
she captured the glowing cinders in her eyes
she danced with the slightest sway in her hips
and her heavenly body torched my skies

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Strictly Bin Dancing

entry picture

Strictly Bin Dancing


[People are dressing up in ball gowns and tiaras to take their bins out

An Australian woman has started a new trend online during the coronavirus lockdown, which sees people dressing up in extravagant outfits to put their rubbish out – source: Mirror 4/4/20]


She waltzes across the patio

In her Christian Dior-like dress

She’s picked up the rubbish in el...

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ballgowndancingday 7glamourlockdownnapowrimo2020putting the bins outunusual news

Shadow Dancing

My shadow dances with yours 

in the abyss of silence, 

head down, darkness all around,

waltzing towards sparks of light

from our melded soul.


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Clouds Dancing in the Sky

entry picture

Looking up at the clouds so high

Watching colors stretch across the sky

As they combine and spread apart gracefully

An ever-changing work of art slowly slips by


As the sun first wakes

Golden hues are painted on the tips

I’m struck by the beauty

How lucky I am to be a witness


As the sun slowly dances across the sky

The image changes as clouds come and go


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Bending reality

Your own mind is yours to keep,
as long as you don't decide to follow the sheep,
Start bending all reality, this will give you your own normality,
Dance in your own style and you will stand out a mile,
Sing songs where ever you go and put on your own one man show,
Do what you want, will make you full of glee,
Then you will find you will be absolutely free,
Freedom is a state of mind and thi...

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contentmentdancingenjoying your life no matter what.freedomgoalheart and soulMINDparadise

Who Say's I Can't Be Happy All The Time

Singing and dancing makes me happy all day,
It makes me happy in every single way,
Who says I can't be happy all the time,
If I was then would that be a crime,
I now know I could live alone,
Because my heart and soul has really grown,
I used to try and share my joy,
To every girl and boy,
I'll keep it to myself,
Even if I get left on the shelf,
Because nothing bothers me anymore,
I will...

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absoulte joyDancingemotionaleverythinghappinessheart and soullovesinging songs

DANCING IN TIME - A Saturday theme

With a happy nod to Howard Dietz - top wordsmith and creator of the famous MGM Film trademark.

Dancing in the dark,

Till this life ends

We're dancing in the dark,

When all strife ends.

So - whether leading or led,

If invited - nod your head;

Never look askance...

Just grab the chance

instead -

Let's face the music and dance.


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Buried in the Sunlight

This poem is for all those who find this life a trial. Keep on keeping on, as someone once remarked.


Buried in the Sunlight


Eleanor played the pipes as a piper should,

flying light with grace and flair and swing,

with airs like a wind band in the deep greenwood:

dancing her careless heart towards an Appalachian spring.

All who knew her, all for whom her life seemed bles...

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I skipped down road in the cool mountain air

In the cool mountain air, with you...


Hot in the night air

Running down the road

Dancing to the left

Singing to the right


Chasing and avoiding cars

Street life all around

Life going on beyond

In our little world


Up steps, down alleys

In and out of tunnels

Over and under the ground

pavements along the...

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The music begins again.
You wallflowers who came
with the dance in mind
and empty hands to hold—
skulking along the fringe,
afraid to join in,
but more afraid to leave.
She comes.

You wither at her gaze,
hoping, not hoping
she is looking at you;
Would it mean more?
A joke, a fluke, a trick,
or perhaps a friend—
If you don’t see
will she leave?

Wallflower dancer
shaking and jiv...

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adolescencedancingdoubtfriendsgrowing upuncertaintywallflower

One Night Stand

entry picture

I see the dark side of the dance floor tonight

It looks like an abyss with disco lights

A sea of bodies losing all sense of function

To the sounds of groovy beats and cosmic rhythms.


You’re standing there like you are waiting for me

A sweet little devil dress- tight black.

Diamond heels and ruby red lipstick

You are the type of trouble I am looking for.


This dance...

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Ghost Dancer

We danced to Cuban rhythms 
Late into the night 
I twirled my skirts in girlish glee
Giggling in delight
My heart it started pounding 
As you held me tight
I waited for the kiss
That would bring me back to life 
Brutally it struck me
At the stroke of midnight
You were just an apparition
Your kiss turned into frostbite 
A phantom on the dance floor 
A cruel trick of the light

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Dancingghost storylove


Sway to the winds

Hoover over the plains of unwritten avenues

Brush away all misconceptions

Death to ifs and maybes

Lay with me in this tornado gliding to the designated mark that is love

Dance with me

Join me in my pursuit of truth

My pursuit of us

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connectingDancingholdingtouchingwalking with

Chapter 1: She Looks Pretty In Pink But Better In Punk

entry picture

I was sitting on the wall at Homecoming 
Just counting down the time until the dance was over
Until something caught the corner of my eye.

A sweet little thing in a pretty pink dress 
Her glow like the moon at night 
And her hair smelled like rain on a sunny day.

Her eyes made contact with mine 
I felt my stomach turn into butterflies
Is this really happening?

Still frozen from her poison...

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If you dance to the music, you’ll find yourself…

entry picture

Had a prompt from our writing group last time of "

If you dance to the music, you’ll find yourself…" so I thought I'd give it a go, although I've not mentioned the prompt anywhere in the piece!


If you dance to the music, you’ll find yourself…


I can’t dance.

Anyone that takes a glance

Will see me prance and realise

That I can’t dance.


My Macarena is more macaroni


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beardancedancingfunny poem


Catch me as you turn me round

Take me back around

Turn me, twist me, run me round

Chase me round and round


Lift me, twist me, turn me round

Dancing to the sound

The music’s fast, the music’s slow

Dancing round and round


Fast, much faster, turn me round

Moving with the sound

The dancefloor’s busy all around

Turn me round and round



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Sir Bruce Forsyth - Knight of the Realm

entry picture

"Nice to see you

To see you nice".

Tip-tapping in waistcoats;

On the noble steed that is

Tess Daly.



Wielding his chin

Like a sabre,

And winning the nation's

Favour, "'Cos

That's the name of the game".



He's not a king,

Queen or Jack.

He's not even "higher

Or lower" - he's a knight!

Bruce Forsyth:

Knight of t...

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The Elephant Dance

This is part of a new thing I'm quite enjoying; writing poems that children might enjoy. Not children's poetry as such, because I think there's a massive crossover, and I would never alter my semantics for the sake of genre. Anyway, have a look.


The beat can be heard before they arrive,

because they’re very heavy

and coming in droves.


Doom-bah, doom-bah. They seem to...

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It's Been a Long Time - Gatecrash



It's been a long time since I posted. I'll start how I mean to go on...




We were the dance

Of mannequin square,

Trapped in the hush

Of a closed hand.


And the soft tap-tap

Was all it took; four

Fingertips on a soft palm,

Clapping like castanets.


And the glass drips hang,

Gasping at the candles


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