Catch me as you turn me round

Take me back around

Turn me, twist me, run me round

Chase me round and round


Lift me, twist me, turn me round

Dancing to the sound

The music’s fast, the music’s slow

Dancing round and round


Fast, much faster, turn me round

Moving with the sound

The dancefloor’s busy all around

Turn me round and round


Clap your hands and turn around

Jiving to the sound

Feet are tapping on the ground

Follow me round and round


Never ever let me stop

Don’t let me run aground

Take me, twist me, turn me round

Round and round and round.



◄ A Schoolboy From Nineteen sixty-eight

My Dying Day ►


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Sat 27th Oct 2012 20:26

A moving poetic performance,you had me in a spin.Well done!

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Steve Higgins

Sat 27th Oct 2012 20:01

Thanks guys!

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sat 27th Oct 2012 09:45

We were going dizzy
just reading this
whirly gig of a poem Steve.

Cheers from th'old dears.xx

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