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burning in the corner of the restaurant.
every key on my laptop.
QWERTY keys with a yellow gunk.
teeth like licky licky lollipop.
Comatose, you fill my nose.
Fill my mouth
with fizzy fizzy sodapop.
My breathing stops.
It's no trouble,
I'll just bubble
for these TV docs.
Googling 5 bed cabins
on the mountaintops.
I tell you of my ailments.

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Renee By A Thread

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Down the corridor, comes a scream
Was it physical pain
or the horror of finally learning
the way this game is turning
They took your clothes
gave you a gown
there was nothing to do but lay right down
Now, the machine breathes
for you
hung by a thread and leaving soon

Faint flashes behind tired eyelids

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What if the NHS was one of us?

No home, no job, just 12 good friends.

Betrayed by one who swore they never would.

Died too soon for pointless reasons.

What if God the NHS was one of us?

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