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A Moment of Silence, Please!

The world is in chaos

Yet there is jubilation everywhere

People are gasping for air

Yet there is air around them

Their lungs refuse to accommodate any

So I watch them give it up instead

A moment of silence for the departed,please!


My eyes are glassed with suppressed tears

I turn on tv to silence my sorrows

But my grief knows no rest

The sound of children laughing has been silenced by bombs

States point fingers but they are all to blame

Nations put national interest first

Humanitarian obligation is a cost benefit analysis

Death of children does not equate intervention

Let more die, then we will ceasefire

A moment of silence for those we can name today, tomorrow we expect more!


The world is drowning and I'm watching

I hope to never be a victim but I'm waiting for my turn.

There is enough water in the Mediterranean sea

To quench thirst and heal wounds

Of those swimming away from missiles

But the sea is swallowing them instead

How can their solace be their demise?

A moment of silence for the departed, please!

Say a prayer for the living too.


The world is burning and I'm waiting for my turn.

The world is struggling to breathe 

But I'm holding my breath

How can the future be sacrificed in war?

Why has the sea chosen to swallow those seeking refuge?

Why has nature become so heartless?

How come humans have turned into stones?

The world is burning but everyone has turned cold...

A moment of silence for humanity, for we have none left!!!


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Tue 4th Jan 2022 13:31

Thank you Holden, I really appreciate your feedback.

Holden Moncrieff

Sun 2nd Jan 2022 16:28

A very powerful poem, Inoe! 🌷

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