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Whether it is a war of personal attrition,

Detrimentally involuntary

Or a war of hatred with their neighbour

Muscle flexing showing national pride and anxiety

Whether it’s climate change, wearing thin our planet,

Many single voices spouting climatic rhetoric

heckled and shackled by those likely to lose livelihoods

Not thinking that eventually, we all lose our lives


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Beyond The Oasis

Trapped into the forlorn steps

Without much hope or even despair

In the middle of the desert


Only the skies beyond the sky

Or deserts beyond the desert

Space and eternity- mingled


Time has little or no value

Only day and night

Without any plurality


Only the singularity reigns

Over the modern history

Dictating terms and conditions


In th...

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politicalreal lifeworld

wading deep, bloody water

its hard to measure a single beating heart 
to measure its clawing judgement. 
to measure the mothers beating blood while she’s
wrenching, retching and writhing. 
its hard to measure disgust, 
difficult to seethe while corps-less hearts beat inside you. 
its easy to declare a hidden hate, 
easy to let it wage a war on a world you don’t understand. 
its hard to watch, fallen sisters. 
its ...

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poemproseabortionpoliticallovemotherhoodwomenfeminismfeministmonstrous feminine19non fiction

Who dares stand against?

Who dares stand against him?

The crazy man with the Big Red Button?


He who has the nerve to use mutually assured destruction

as his footstool and yell, “Come at me you Cowards!”

Can all we do is sit back and wait?

Can any of us do any more?


It would only take all of us,

to decide the dollar worthless,

for Jeff Bezos to wake up one morning,

and be worthless



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Our Nation's Rock Bottom

Our Nation's Rock Bottom

There comes a point in a person’s life where things must change.
They have hurt themselves, and others.
They have lost everything they had.
They have even lost their way.
It’s a point,
 where the failures and the terrible things of their past rise up to haunt them.
They must change or perish.

Because of what they have allowed to happen,
 they find themselves i...

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Spoken WordPoliticalsocial

The Princess and the Frog

Long long ago there once lived a King

who wished that a child the stork would bring.

You see he and his Queen were very sad

at the thought of an heir that they never had.


Then, whilst walking beside the sea one night

 a talking fish gave the Queen a fright.

It said “soon your wish will come to pass

and you, my Queen, shall bear a lass”


As the fish had predicted th...

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Recipe For Disaster

Recipe For Disaster


Make sure you’ve got a big bowl.

OK, we’re ready to commence.

Take a pinch of honesty,

add an ounce of common sense,

stir in bloody mindedness,

gently fold in care,

season it with integrity

(if you’ve got any spare),

sprinkle it with passion,

avoid the nuts and flakes,

put it in a hot oven

and see how long it takes

for it to become bu...

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day 1NaPoWriMo 2019recipepoliticalsatirehumourtory government

Not a Perfect Man

My only outlet twitter

Where the magats twat

I block as quickly as I can

But often I am caught

By something so cruel and vile

Uglier than I could have thought

Some comment on appearance

Of daughter grieving, wrought

By the death of her honorable father

who had fiercely fought

For a country, an ideal

He’d been so strictly taught

To stand by his convictions


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Trump Era Cinquain

We all

Want to be loved

Is it so hard to give

Love during these contentious times

It is

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cinquain formpolitical

A Victim’s card

Nothing is parallel or can be paralleled

Even when it is compounded, and expounded inside

It rages loud but gently in rib cages,

Behind hushing skinny fingers

Its beauty is too great, its beauty belongs to us

The formers, the creators of this place

We are the damned, we were the great


Oh the facade, it is all a facade they mimic the art

But can you take the cut, bleed ...

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freedom anywherefreedom of expressionpolitical


Green plastic army men

Barbie plays with Ken

Drafted are the boys to men

Someone’s started a fight

The girls can choose to abort

Politicians say they have that right

Choose to prostitute then they will prosecute

Pro-choice is not the right to choose

Only the right to a choice

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While we help the country of others,

We forgot our own sisters and Brothers.

Some turn to thugs,

While others turn to drugs.

On the corner is a woman,

With no other option or plan.

Working to feed her kids,

Sold to anyone who bids.

Everyday a young child travels with death,

15 year old overdose on meth,

17 year old shot dead,

8 year old abused in own bed.

This ...

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childhoodmodern lifepoliticalcold blooded murder

For Peace & For Pride

On two summer days
in 1945
were casualties of Hell itself embodied on Earth
the pride of a foreign power
raised cities to ashes
scorched shadows into the soil
for peace

Between October 1962
and November 1983
the World faced exinction
day to day
minute to minute
all for the sake of
the pride of two foreign powers 

On July 18th 2016
an unelected...

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CNDpunk poetrypunkpoliticalpolitical poempolitical poetrypunk poemNuclearnuclear disarmamentpeace

An Open Letter To The Occupant I & II

Good afternoon one and all!

I hope this isnt cheating as such, but I've just uploaded a two-part poem over on my soundcloud, these can be listened to either as a whole or as seperate tracks. Please find the link below and I hope you enjoy!



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spoken wordpunk poetrypunkpoemaudiosoundcloudpolitical

Snake Oil Sells the Economy

From the front of the conference room

He wraps us in a voice born of the pulpit

Buttery and gravelly and low


He floats down from the makeshift stage

Tells of the flying fish

Gives us magic sunglasses

So we can see through water


He's here to talk about new eyes

To see what under(lies)


He's selling a new language

In it, we write our morality on the wall


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chandra mossinecultural criticismcultural critiquedonald trumppoempoetrypolitical

Saturday Night Thursday Morning

Saturday night, family gathered around the TV
a small feast of pizza and chips waiting for BGT, Xfactor or Strictly
across the nation, we get sucked into this circus reality, our eyes transfixed and rigid as a mass of drones,
our fingers and thumbs hovering over Facebook and Twitter on our smartphones
we’ve all followed  the stories and campaigns from week zero,
gripped our sofa arms as The A...

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punk poetrypoliticalpunkvoting apathypoltical poetrypolitics


Not sure if this one counts as a poem, but its here anyway.

Presented by John Speaker

"Hi guys and welcome to the show!
The show where we aim to make debate look like adolescent banter!

"In today's game we have two teams who have entered the room blindfolded. On the right we have the blue team led by David!

"Hi David, tell us a little about yourself but wi...

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Politicalhumoursatirefunnygame showDavid Cameron


How frail, in truth,

is the world that we tread?

Captains and kings

claiming calm sea’s ahead

as they’re riding high

upon their silver spoons

laughing, as below

the world withers too soon.


How thin the membrane

of life’s brittle bubbles,

building our barriers

and avoiding all troubles.

Do we wonder at the reasons;

do we hide or protect

as we inch to t...

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Just say no to corrupt politicians,

lying and cheating with their secret missions.

Hugging the baby in the camera’s eye

then stealing its lolly and watching it cry.


Just say no to the corrupt EU,

actually achieving what Hitler failed to do.

A European State to control one and all,

watch as our borders and our nations fall.


Just say no to the media lies

and ques...

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You don't have to look far to see where we're headin',

Look at Greece and Ireland it's a bloodless armageden.

The Global Insurection Against Banker Occuption,

Is being fought on the front line by european nations.


Mothers and fathers skipping meals for sons and daughters,

The electricity's cut off, like the water.

Then it's out in the street,

The downbeat's com...

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The Heron

The Heron   (a fable)

The pike sups on a tadpole

 in this turgid lily-pool

where the grey can swim unseen.


Decorated with gold-braid

the ostentatious swish

lazily from under lilies

filmed in the focused eye

of a patient leveller.


A shutter clicks, splash,

gold thrashes on the green.

A blade slides, splash,


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Dominga Corazon

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dominga corazonchris leibowpoliticalpoetryAudio

A couple of SA influenced pieces, first is a draft


The Pervasive Poison of Apartheid (working title)


In the Rainbow Nation one colonial legacy,

Which we see persisting today unfortunately

Is an attitude from a more northerly latitude of 'I'm alright Jack!'

If neighbours from Mozambique or Zim

Should decide on migration in to find what they are seekin’,

Locals will say “they’re arrivin’ here ridin’, on a croco...

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South AfricaApartheidpoliticalCross Cultural Poetry

January 2010. I. Anybody.

January 2010.I. Anybody.

In Africa the football hits the grass

Like a big, congealed blood clot

And bright young men fall over injured,

 Or blanch and die.

The African cup helicopters are in HD on my TV,

 But I am outside shovelling snow.


The airline bomber sets his underpants on fire

And a man is stabbed in a London street.

 Fanatics daily bomb Pakista...

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