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no hairy lip has she or wrinkle

a far cry from ancient crones

her skin as smooth as marble

sweet melodies in her moans


black cats are always a clue

in the house hers does roam

its carbon eyes following me

at its muzzle flecks of foam


waking last night in terror

to the Devil she's chanting

buck naked and sweating

my blood she's decanting


her eyes h...

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Green Frog with Gray Hair

Once there was a tree frog, green as green can be.  
He liked to sing on summer nights whenever it was wet.
His voice seemed much too loud for such a little frog. 
He spent his day seeking juicy bugs to eat; 
with his clever tongue he quickly found a meal. 

One October he was looking for adventure.
He climbed a large camellia bush 
and found a tiny opening in a window screen.  
He climbe...

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The Princess and the Frog

Long long ago there once lived a King

who wished that a child the stork would bring.

You see he and his Queen were very sad

at the thought of an heir that they never had.


Then, whilst walking beside the sea one night

 a talking fish gave the Queen a fright.

It said “soon your wish will come to pass

and you, my Queen, shall bear a lass”


As the fish had predicted th...

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The frog maker

There’s gift-stalls galore outside the wild and hilly

Monteverde Forest. I buy a saffron

amphibian, sculpted in glass, from the guy that crafts them.

“What species is it?” I ask. His smile goes chilly.

“Is Golden Toad. He no more around.”

He knew them as a boy and recounts the thrilling

jackpot glitter of frogs in the fern-leaf frilly

puddles of April that made their spawning ...

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