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Who dares stand against?

Who dares stand against him?

The crazy man with the Big Red Button?


He who has the nerve to use mutually assured destruction

as his footstool and yell, “Come at me you Cowards!”

Can all we do is sit back and wait?

Can any of us do any more?


It would only take all of us,

to decide the dollar worthless,

for Jeff Bezos to wake up one morning,

and be worthless


Yet the glimmer of false promises holds us in place,

the chains of fear and hypocrisy tie us to the ground.

And the people who promise the few, what belongs to the many,

continue to reign.


Our very basic necessities, stolen from underneath us,

and stockpiled in the “security” of our future.

For what future is there to be had by the few,

when the many are no longer strong enough to hold up their infrastructure?


What good is a loud voice, with no one to hear it?

What of the mightiest army equipped with the best weapons,

When everyone is already dead?


How many times is history going to cycle over itself?

Is our timeline destined for destruction?

Can anyone stand up and stop this?


How will we know?

That whoever claims to come and save really means it?

Who can do something new?

Who dares stand up against?


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