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Land of the free?

Through a gape in the curtains 

A shard of morning light 

slices my bloated belly in two

How ironic, I think

A body divided 

The inner, unwanted

The outer, a pathetic addict

And they tell me

MY baby will be born a junkie 

Assuming it doesn't O.D. 

inside its little toxic den first…


There's dust motes twinkling 

in the shard's overflow:


Dead skin can...

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She Chooses

She Chooses


She chooses abstinence

           because she won’t risk pregnancy

She chooses abstinence

            because she’s not interested

She chooses contraception

           because she does not want children

She chooses contraception

           because she does not want children yet

She chooses contraception

           because she has enough children


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Roe v WadeAbortionAmericaOutrageWomenWomen's Rights

wading deep, bloody water

its hard to measure a single beating heart 
to measure its clawing judgement. 
to measure the mothers beating blood while she’s
wrenching, retching and writhing. 
its hard to measure disgust, 
difficult to seethe while corps-less hearts beat inside you. 
its easy to declare a hidden hate, 
easy to let it wage a war on a world you don’t understand. 
its hard to watch, fallen sisters. 
its ...

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poemproseabortionpoliticallovemotherhoodwomenfeminismfeministmonstrous feminine19non fiction

The Sailor

an old man upstairs has fits of coughing

women make his bed creak fit to bust

he's some sort of evangelical preacher

an expert on the perils of human lust


bones in bright sunshine or pouring rain

pressed down by limbs that rarely speak

contorted versions of my wide-open legs

I could make his bed wake up and creak


do my vows still apply after these years?

did I ...

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The Nameless Baby

The ghost of the unborn
Knife in hand.
Twisting heart piercing
Hurt until death,
Black gothic, silver ringlets
To no avail.
Ears that will always hear
A lost child’s cry.

Youths payback time
Uninformed decisions.
Mothers ruin
Drink it down.
Don’t cry someone will see.
Career girl.
Care free girl
She knows now.

Where was Mother
Holding back God.
It’s for the best
Work and car...

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