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I am Both (with audio by me)

I am not the fat girl

I am not the skinny girl.


I am both.


I am both the bingeing in the night

And the starving from pure fright.


I am both


In the mirror I am both.


I am the always too thin pile of bones

And the body too big to call home.


I am both.


In the shops I am both.


I am the girl who is too curvy to wear cute clothes


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An Open Letter To The Occupant I & II

Good afternoon one and all!

I hope this isnt cheating as such, but I've just uploaded a two-part poem over on my soundcloud, these can be listened to either as a whole or as seperate tracks. Please find the link below and I hope you enjoy!



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Summer 1968

Poem about my childhood.

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This is a poem wrote for Harpo Marx.  I always loved him as a kid.  He was an avid croquette player and had a beautiful singing voice. 

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Dominga Corazon

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A Queer Response (audio)

Recorded live on Soundart Radio.

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Brand New View

Brand New View

For thee I pick an orchid
Full blooming in soft sun
Behold its splendid pastel shade
Its beauty hard for tongue
To capture in a moment
For words are way too young
Compared to natures beauty
All language has but just begun

Behold any small crystal
That sparkles in the light
Or try in brief to describe
A swallow in mid flight
Though poetry and story

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