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Not a Perfect Man

My only outlet twitter

Where the magats twat

I block as quickly as I can

But often I am caught

By something so cruel and vile

Uglier than I could have thought

Some comment on appearance

Of daughter grieving, wrought

By the death of her honorable father

who had fiercely fought

For a country, an ideal

He’d been so strictly taught

To stand by his convictions

Even though maybe fraught

By captivity, torture, pain

His body must have begot

While his family back at home

For his freedom fiercely sought

But he refused to return

Until freedom brought

To his comrades in cages

For the entire lot

He may not have been perfect

But my heart is still in a knot

For a family, friends and country

For a republic fraught

By liars, cheaters, cons

Supporting a large, orange snot



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Fri 7th Sep 2018 21:32

Mac, it isn't bad at all.

Backstabbers and backbiters and people who speak out of both sides of their faces--whatever happened to the golden rule? I have more to say about it than I probably ever will here, because it's, as they say, "singin' to the choir".

..good to see that people are concerned, though terrible that there exists the necessity for it.


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Fri 7th Sep 2018 19:03

Wow you guys, I really thought this was pretty bad! I am so excited for your comments.

W: I'm not a huge fan either but come on, don't kick her when she's down! And her words were amazing. In fact, most of these things said people would never say in public but somehow social media gives license to the worst.

B: Yes, trolls are trolls are trolls are thick are thick are thick ...regardless of education or background. Of course, there are many out there who disagree and think I am thick, or worse, but I don't really care, do you. Truth will prevail in the end. I just need the end to come soon.

BS: Ha, BS! As always, thank you!!! It means so much.
Come to the desert and I will share my wine. Drinking in your positivity! Never too cold here! But Winter is definitely coming! ?

<Deleted User> (18980)

Fri 7th Sep 2018 17:36

That's the thing about social media...thick trolls are equal to university professors or military heroes.

Good piece Mac.

Big Sal

Fri 7th Sep 2018 17:27

I loved the rhythm it kept. Sounded like it could be a song, a series of limericks, or even the best thing - A POEM!

You did good with this one, and I liked how you kept the sound of one rhyme until the end. I read it 3 times and each successive time found it just as funny and deserving/memorable in all aspects as the first.

When you gonna pour me a glass Mac??
Winter is coming for the year, and it's gonna be a cold one in America. I may need more food for thought and rhythms to drink in! ?

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