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The Princess and the Frog

Long long ago there once lived a King

who wished that a child the stork would bring.

You see he and his Queen were very sad

at the thought of an heir that they never had.


Then, whilst walking beside the sea one night

 a talking fish gave the Queen a fright.

It said “soon your wish will come to pass

and you, my Queen, shall bear a lass”


As the fish had predicted the Queen had an heir

a beautiful daughter with skin was so fair.

And though the King would rather have had a boy

he still held a feast to prove his joy.


So he invited his friends to attend a ball,

along with the fairies who lived in the wall.

and at the end of the feast each fairy did give,

the Princess a gift with which she could live.


One gave her virtue, another gave gold,

the third gave her beauty which would never grow old .


At bedtime the Queen would tell a fairy tale,

of Princesses and heroes where love would prevail.

Or a naughty boy who was turned into a hog,

and a kiss that made a Prince of a toad or a frog.


Nowv the Princess had led a sheltered life

and the King did protect his daughter and wife

Oil was discovered, his Kingdom did grow

and he built up an army to fend off his foe.


A Royal ship was built, with no expense spared,

instead of yacht varnish gold leaf was preferred

With seats of solid silver and taps of pure gold,

the ship was outstanding, a sight to behold.


The King took his family out on a day trip,

to enjoy the view of his Kingdom whilst sailing his ship.


By this time the Princess was almost 18,

and of meeting her Prince she would often daydream.

Whilst the family were resting she went for some air,

basked in the sun and felt the wind in her hair.


She came across a frogman on the deck of the ship

and ran to him eagerly with a hop and a skip.

The tales that she heard left the Princess convinced

that if she kissed this frog he’d turn into her prince.


As she embraced the frogman he snuffed out her life,

he killed the young Princess with a thrust of his knife.

Her white chiffon dress turned a dark crimson red,

as the King lay sleeping, his daughter lay dead.


Upon hearing  the commotion the Queen came out on deck,

and with his Swiss army knife he stabbed her in the neck.


He sought out the King and found him in bed,

he shot him 4 times, twice in the head.


You see the frogman was actually a CIA operative

and they'd targetted the King because he’d been uncooperative.

Oil and intelligence he’d refused to exchange

so the CIA killed him to force a regime change.



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Sat 8th Jun 2019 16:33

Sort of George McDonald meets Wilbur Smith?

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Don Matthews

Sat 8th Jun 2019 08:13

I thought this would be
About sweet Princess
Then looked at the bottom
Oh what bloody mess...?

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