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Sand Witches

A modern fairy tale....

Sand witches

On beaches

Searching for snacks

Soon caught in the middle

There's no turning back

Please lettuce talk

A cheesy smiled plea

No savin' his bacon

He's BLT

Eaten up whole 

In all but a gulp

They spit out 

His soul

Into castles they sculpt

Now forever he lives

Between sea and land

A drop in the ocean 

The last gr...

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A small island of the Dodecanese

Island folk seem so eager to appease

Unhurried life puts us firmly at ease

Gently blown by the soft Aegean breeze


Archangel Michael of Panormitis

This monastery draws us, invites us

Somehow we acquire a monk to guide us

Lighting candles for those gone before us


With neoclassical coloured houses

Gift Shops, some bar...

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In the hammock

In the hammock


On days of tomatoes

Cheese and bread

When light breezes

Make the orchard leaves

Chuckle and quiver

With gossip from the mountains


When a head of dead wine

Falls in step

With the mood

Rather than being a weight

On your ankle


There is time to marvel

At the power of stillness

And the way that calm

Can be the raison d'êtr...

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Laundry Day

A pandemic year’s worth of laundry
I rose at 4:54 a.m. squirted stain remover
ate breakfast (oatmeal with prunes)
lugged garbage bags of dirty clothes
to the car drove across town
to the laundromat stuffed huge machines
stuffed coins sprinkled soap.

Next I'll move the wet clothes to dryers stuff more coins.

The main thing I want to say is that in this chaos I'm
sitting masked writing...

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Home from Home

I long to be in Turkey

It seems so out of reach

Just to paddle in the ocean

And stroll along the beach


I long to be in Turkey

It is my favourite place

The sun is always shining

Love to feel it on my face


I wish to be in Turkey

I feel so out of touch

Delighting all my senses

I miss the food so much


I wish to be in Turkey

How long will it be?


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Third Beach

Third Beach


This is the sunny place my spirits rest

Sat on a wooden bench watching the sea

The shimmer from the bright pacific west

The only place on earth I long to be.

The walkers and the cyclists passing by

Upon the wide and welcoming sea wall

The seagulls and crows desperately try

To out call the other in pine trees tall.

I watch the tankers in the distance drif...

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17 and a half

Coastlines guard us along our way,

As we gaze and point to places during our stay.

Cold and fresh as we were weeks away from May,

"I love you" were the only things I could say.


Losing bags with cards for the year,

One too many expensive glasses of wine and beer.

Canvases and paintings in the rear,

You are my only peer. 


I took you to a special place,

Despite my...

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Oblique Confessional Poems and Holiday Cheer

If I wanted this poem to be more intimate,
I would address the reader directly, and
invite the reader into my inner world.

I would use second-person pronouns and
share the deeper and darker aspects of
my personality. I would regale the reader
with stories of elation and spiritual fulfillment
along with brutally honest accounts of
self-doubt, anxiety, fear, and loathing.

I might make i...

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The Spark !

The Spark !

Old age comes upon you

like a creeping weed or vine

a subtle early warning

that you're running out of time


When we realized it had us

firmly in its grip

we decided to go fighting

so we really let it rip:


No more early nights

sipping tea and watching telly;

we bought the 'Kama Sutra'

and really gave it welly !


We cruised out to Austr...

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Three Witches Brew

Watch out, over there!  No over there!

It's time to be alert, it's time to beware.

Time for Ghosts and Goblins and fear!

Look for witches who take to the air.

Time for monsters, spooks and storytelling.

Time to see who'll scare first, who'll be yelling.

It's Halloween time the best time of the year,

For ghost stories around a fire which crackles and sears.

Be leery of the p...

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Ravenscar- The Town That Never Was

The Town That Never Was

A  Victorian scheme that at the time seemed like a dream come true

Perched on high cliffs she looks out over the North Sea

Reminising about plans for a seaside town that would never be

Her peak forming the south cheek of the bay

Providing a pinnacle of splendour along the rugged Cleveland Way

Her railway track now just a cinder there and back crunch of dis...

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Three Witches Brew

Watch out, over there!  No over there!

It's time to be alert, it's time to beware.

Time for Ghosts and Goblins and fear!

Look for witches who take to the air.

Time for monsters, spooks and storytelling.

Time to see who'll scare first, who'll be yelling.

It's Halloween time the best time of the year,

For ghost stories around a fire which crackles and sears.

Be leery of the p...

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Sitting beside the sea

I like to sit beside the sea
And close my eyes just enough,
That I can say I'm here alone
I pretend I'm the last human,

All my troubles drift away,
It into the waves endless repeat
Its slow certainty comforts me,
My senses leave on the tide,

The freedom I seek
Comes from living
On a small island

Where I must keep every thought
Every action packed in the land,
They get stepped on...

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Hate holds hard onto my heart

He has horrible hang ups

that harm my happiness

Hence my world was hindered


A husband he is not

but he is hot

If I could hire

a hit man

and hide 

from the heat

It would be helpful

tho harsh

So I hesitate


I could not handle 

his habbits

You reap what you harvest

My head is hazy

it needs a holiday

From ...

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When the Holiday is Over.(2015)

Fly away,

Drive away,

Leave your troubles behind


Lie down,

Rest a while,

Enjoy the warm sunshine.


Feel your heart re charging

While your mind is at rest.


A week from now

You’ll be bored or stressed


Either way;

Back behind your desk.

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I need a holiday.

I need a holiday of sorts,
See, recently I've been stuck in court,
Persecuted by my own thoughts,
Where I must justify my existence?
With evidence of my resistance?
You see I've been put on trial- 
By demons so vile,
And I need a break... Just for a little while,

Listen I need a mental holiday,
A conversation to take me away,
A defence to keep the demons at bay,
But as the accused,

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Ivan Kupala Day

Jumping over the fire
On Ivan Kupala Day,
You’ll know who is a liar
On traditional Slavic holiday.

It’s the most unearthly and enigmatic.
And it is certainly Slavic and fantastic!
Mysteries it is with fascinating rituals,
The most poetic holiday has a lot of charms..

Searching for the magic flower
We feel the smelling

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The Hitting Game

The Hitting Game



On the island’s south side

a solitary town fizzes

like overloaded circuitry

on dark, motherboard hills.


Across a sticky, smooth-tiled walkway

an amusement arcade spills

a test of sexiness based on how clammy your palm is

and the hitting game.


You spin in coins so they register

on sensors worn numb. 

A padded st...

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World Sleep Day


World Sleep Day


In 2013 this day is March 15.


Sleep is a special form of the existence

It gives strength to a daytime wakefulness.

A healthy person wakes up with a feeling of freshness.

A good sleep maintains physical and mental health.

And everyone knows that it’s the main wealth.

Minimal level of brain activity and reduced reaction

Brings your...

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You all go on holiday to the South of France. A few days away from busy Paris. Playing happy families, pretending everything is fine. Pierre is Annette's best friend, spending so much time together. Oh yes, Pierre is in love with Annie. So much so. Haven't you seen the way he looks at her when she's not looking? If it came down to it, would he marry her? Be able to satisfy her i...

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