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Days spent doing nothing 
Are not a waste at all 
Time to replensh 
And let sparkle restore 

Charge your phone 
Charge your batteries 
Why not yourself?
So wrapped in productivity 
You forget to charge yourself

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A Moment Away

We all need a moment away
From whatever we usually do
We can’t be forever the same
We all need a minute or two.

And when we get time to unwind
From the twists and the turns that life brings
What a relief for the chance to reflect
Straighten out, raise our heads, spread our wings.

Then once more to those whom we love
And once more to that which we do
For nothing will greatly have chan...

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My Safe Place

A deep calming breath.

Take in the oxygen, let it fill your aching lungs.
Blow out the pain and the suffering into a the air, 
Free it from the shackles of your body. It felt like a stranger.
Feel your fingers tingle as the blood rushes up and back down. 
Feel your soul leave the confines of your physical being.

Don't be afraid. You are still here. You are in the world,
Your body is sti...

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Sunday Afternoon


Sunday afternoon is a day to wash the car

It’s a day for watching TV, not a day for going far

My missus thinks it’s a day for doing things, things that would otherwise be missed

And certain things like watching TV don’t seem to be on her list.


Her list and mine differ in many ways and they’re hard to reconcile

She doesn’t seem to understand that things can wait a...

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