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The High Wire Walker

With every catious step,
He tip-toes on,
Balanced in carnival perfection.
Agonisingly trapped in life,
Teasing the comforting peace that is death.

And with every one of his
Controlled breaths,
He choreographs his advancement,
Purposely placing each step.

With the omnious winds of fate,
Twisting and whirling,
Forcing him forward.
He hopes to find somethig,
On the high wi...

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Natural Addiction

Love is a drug,
One perspective shifting trip,
Unknowingly stumbled upon.
Now you’re consciously falling.

For a splitting second,
You’re suspended in the rush,
A swift inhale,
Heavy eyelids-
Collapse shut in suspense.
One. Last. Relaxing, sigh-
It hits you.

Their tender embrace,
Exhilaration, tumbling acceleration,
Both induced by the physical materialisation-
Of the innate fear ...

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Silly Mistakes.

Actions have consequences. 
And what appeared to be a meaningless drop,
Falling, piercing the surface of that translucent facade,
Has rippled into waves of despair,
Echoed by our refractive remorse.

I was holding you over that cliff,
Calm water below,
Connected by our mental strands,
A thin rubber band; keeping us connected.
How precariously balanced we were.
Until I gave you unneeded ...

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How it is

It’s hard to be happy,
But it’s easy to fake it,
It’s hard to smile,
But it’s easy to force it.

It’s easy for you to listen,
But hard for you to understand,
It’s easy for you to care
But hard for us to both bear.

It’s hard to write about it,
But its harder to speak it,
It’s hard to solely carry this weight,
But it’s far harder for me to communicate.


It’s scary being this sad.
Believe me, it’s ...

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I need a holiday.

I need a holiday of sorts,
See, recently I've been stuck in court,
Persecuted by my own thoughts,
Where I must justify my existence?
With evidence of my resistance?
You see I've been put on trial- 
By demons so vile,
And I need a break... Just for a little while,

Listen I need a mental holiday,
A conversation to take me away,
A defence to keep the demons at bay,
But as the accused,
Can I please be excused...

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holidaymental health

Has God Gone Crazy?

Or is She simply confused?
Unable to tell use from abuse,
Lies from the truth.
Or is He internally at war?
Torn between support and ignore,
Or merely unable to care anymore?
And yet we kill each other in their name,
Heck, maybe this was their celestial aim:
For us all to be imprisoned by their holy war games.
Maybe She let all man be free,
From the butler to his Bourgeoisie,
And our God is just an unenthused...

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Action Man

(The toy they wanted us all to be)

Mummy and Daddy bought me a new toy.
The perfect companion for a little boy”
They say he is “strong, courageous and brave” 
That he does everything the “right” type of way.
They say I can learn a lot from him
“Look at his big muscles and strong chin”.

They say he is a “real Action Man”
No more ‘girly’ influence, at least thats the plan.
But I need to cry, love, cu...

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I'm Dead Inside

Acidic words pour out your mouth, and down my throat.
Every searing truth, unblunted lie,
Cascading down, rotting me, from the inside.
Your ignorant actions like inconceivable shockwaves
Pulsate through me. Rupturing me within.
Combined result? A self decaying procedure, waiting to begin.
Every poisonous thought catalyses the process.
They weep out from my dense centre of misery,

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Ice People

We are all cold,
We are all brittle.
Frozen in place by our chilling ways-
stalactites, stalagmites clinging to our hollow caves.

We are all separate. Frozen in place-
The 'Truth' our hateful society dictates:
Let the Ice take over! Let our cold thoughts grow,
Let the numbing freeze be all we know.
For we remain brittle with icy exteriors,
With contious aniexty "Are the stalactites...

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