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list poem

In The Dead Of Night

In the dead of night she waits and wonders

 What if ........

What if she was to pick up his sweat soaked pillow

And place it firmly over his pig like features

As the creatures she conjures up in her silent imagination

Come forth and lend a hand

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The Language of Trees

Have you ever communed with a tree?

The essence of all

Mother earths rich gift

Used your eyes, studied her bark, roots, canopy.

Noticed her position in the forest family

A watcher of the woods or an infant in the glade

Full sun or partial shade

 Colour, shape, size, branches, leaves can all be studied

But have you ever looked deeper.

Looked beyond, felt her fears, dreams...

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The Armchair of Oblivion

The armchair of oblivion is her best friend

It comforts her.

its softness soothes the hardest moments.

Dependable, always there to catch her on the dark days when her length shortens.

 It just fits, like an old pair of dependable slippers 

Whilst friend’s features silently murmur “pull yourself together”

She sits tucked up tight in the armchair of oblivion that never judges

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Letting Go

Letting go

When it’s time you will know

You will feel it

That is all

Don’t resist it

Just allow it and let it go

Its time because you feel it, you just know

So peacefully let it go 

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Pissing Up The Wall

Pissing up the wall

“My missile is bigger than yours” said the idiot to the fool

Dangling their digits for all the world to see

Reminiscent of schoolboys competing

To see how far they could send their pee

Throwing threats and insults on twitter and giving it large

Who the fuck put these petulant children in charge

Putting the’ dick’ into dictators

While we sit back as mere ...

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In a warehouse, in a cage a child sits

In bits

Clinging to her only comfort a blanket of foil

And whilst we all recoil

at the horror on display

Theresa May declares although it’s not ok

 She will wait and chat in her special friend’s ear....  only when he is here  

Whilst umbilical cords of family ties

Are severed bleeding out amid cries ..............................

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Ravenscar- The Town That Never Was

The Town That Never Was

A  Victorian scheme that at the time seemed like a dream come true

Perched on high cliffs she looks out over the North Sea

Reminising about plans for a seaside town that would never be

Her peak forming the south cheek of the bay

Providing a pinnacle of splendour along the rugged Cleveland Way

Her railway track now just a cinder there and back crunch of dis...

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