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Request for help - share your poetry audio...

Hello Write Out Louders...

I'd like to share some of your spoken word poetry on the Write Out Loud Instagram feed.

I'm looking for around 10 poems with audio readings. I will share the text and audio on Instagram to highlight the site's audio upload feature (and the power of spoken word, of course).

If you have posted a poem with an audio reading on Write Out Loud and would be happy for m...

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social mediaspoken wordpoetry audionot a poem

Socially Perfect

I love my perfect life
With my perfect kids and my perfect wife
And all those perfect times we’ve had
Being the perfect mum and perfect dad

And our perfect home where perfect friends
Adapt perfectly to every trend
Or those perfect days spent at the beach
Who says perfection’s out of reach?

We have perfect times when we go out
With perfect people round about
As our perfect laughter fi...

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social mediaSocial Observationssatiremodern lifedystopiadystopian love

Online Best Of Who?

I can see it in your eyes from across the room,

makes my heart ache, it’s a mistake - why do you

compare the self-view, dark-hue worst of yourself

to the online best of who?


Gosh dammit! I can’t stand it! If I had a single wish –

open windows, heal the widows and the few.

Those who give it all away, feel they fail some way

to the online best of who.


Wanna burn...

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self esteemself imagecomparing livessocial media


I put a post of myself on again

And then think of all the critics

Those so called friends frowning in consternation at my narcissistic tendencies 

As if am putting a mirror up to their own insecurities 

That need to nuke the system sings in my synapses

Normality makes me mad

Friendship can’t be had

I am miles away from my mission but closer than most

God is not the Father, ...

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Social mediahonestyadhddepressionmental illness

See Her

When she folded into herself

You all looked away

When she unraveled

You all watched

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seepainhurtdepressionhiddenanxietymental healthconnectionsocialhelpsupportsocietyviewervoyeurspectatoraudiencesocial mediaobservationseekingneedcry for help

Social media poem


Social media, Where do I start?

Constantly beeping, buzzing or shouting, “Watch me! Don’t go on an outing!”

Friends on the screen are rising up, Yet your feeling, inside, is an empty cup.

Social media, What positives can you choose?

You can, receive instant news, Marketing has big hopes, Racism has curled, Truth is unfurled.

So my message is to use the tool wisely And make it a...

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Social mediasocial-media


#facebook,#friendship,#loss of friendship,#Social media, #lockdown

You don't have time and so

You're fading slowly from my life

Messages left hanging

Like smoke rings in cyberspace

But the fading is masked

By a feeling of liking and being liked

Which I tend to persist in

Because you still 'like' my stuff

As I do yours

And that seems to be a close enough equivalent


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facebookfriendshipLockdownloss of friendshipSocial media


Frantically he taps on the glass

Louder as they pass

Now he screams

But not through a window

It's a screen

Nobody knows

He's scrolling

His soul away

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Social mediaflash fictionpoetry

Compare Despair

A perfectly edited


Resists the truth

Of reality

All that's

Been shown

In this 


Is exactly

What they

Want you

To see

As you

Scroll these

Sensational scenes

And the

Clutches of


Dig deep

Remember it's

Not all

As it


You don't

Know what


They keep

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depressionsocial anxietySocial mediaenvy

Can We Pretend

Can we pretend
     social media highlights
     are every day life.

Can we pretend
     children aren't starving,
     neglected or abused.

Can we pretend
     Mother Earth will
     pardon our plundering.

Can we pretend 
     animals don’t suffer 
     for our gluttonous pleasure.

Can we pretend
     greed doesn't 
     fuel disease.

Can we pretend
     God is real and 

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abusefaithfriendshipgluttonylifelonlinessloverelationshipsSocial mediaSuperman




We Humans are immortal if we choose to be

Drifting on the ether or the digitised streams

Of social media networks and video channels

Whilst our bodies turn to dust beneath the soil.


Our likeness Our actions   Our spirit        Our thoughts

Our friends    Our interactions       Our choices  Our life


Free spirits inhabiting the space we call Home


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NaPoWriMO 2019day 29social mediadeceased accountsdigital footprintmeditation on a themepublic access

Cha-Chi Legacy

I inhale the tears 
welling up in my eyes.
Feeling like I don't have 
the right to cry for 

letting so much time go by
without saying hi,
how are you doing, 
what's new in your life?

I "kept in touch" 
watching your 
on social media, 

after a 

providing water 
and food for 
people who didn't 
know your name.

I was proud of you,

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connectiondeathfamilyhomelesslegacylifelovesocial mediatimevolunteer

The modern day captor

Scrolling , scrolling 
Hoping to distract myself
From the thoughts that run laps in my head
Never stopping to admire

Liking, liking
So maybe when I post
People might return the favour
And I can have that false sense of belonging

Watching, watching
Looking for something to entertain me
Unable to find it 
So my eyes glaze over

Playing, playing
Games with no meaning
Never finishin...

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Social mediamobilephonesinstagramfacebookYouTubemoblie games

Slave to the Algorithm

I don’t want to drive engagement.

I don’t need your gratuitous clicks.

I won’t beg for attention with

Pics of kittens sleeping with chicks.


I don’t need your engagement.

I won’t ask if you’ve used a skate key.

I don’t need any silly test to

Know you are as old as me.


I don’t really care how you engage.

I won’t tempt you with an opinion poll.

No one really ca...

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algorithmsocial mediafacebooktwittervalidation

Internet Insanity!

 I visited my cousins in Russia

One summer vacation day,

And my conclusions during my stay

Turned out to be more than I could say.


What happened?


Older cousin surfs on laptop

Younger did that and ipod games too

Sister sticks to ginormous ipad

I skim online webs in hullabaloo!


What’s happening?!


Day after day, hour after hour

We’re caught in the ...

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poeminternetinsaneboredsocial mediavirtual life




the photographs of road signs charged by light,

footprints on the dashboard

or blurred trees  stooped like men picking leaves.


Or the back of my head, the garden shed

or all the landscapes from summer days when

we turned the camera on ourselves


and photographed nothing but wind.

We send thanks

and message school friends, relatives


and people w...

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facebookmarsdenpoemsocial media1984George Orwell


there's a new kid on the block


even as we speak


and you need to be around


you need to listen up


what's trending where


i'll spell it out for you.


that's how it is


i don't need no cryst...

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Social media


Facebook, Twitter, Texting all day long,

God help me if my signal isn't strong,

Quite sad I guess, but I know that it is true,

It's often just the way I can communicate with you.


Behind technology I can always hide,

If I can't get out the door because I'm trapped inside,

Some days it's true and I know it very well,

My bedroom is nothing but a prison cell.


I can go...

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Social media


From Facebook came a Croc of Shit

To read and click and share

No longer I'll put up with it

Accused that I 'don't care'


"Share this if you have a heart"

"If you 'like' please type 'Amen'"

It stinks more than a day old fart

To read this shit again.. again.. again


I don't care if you send a curse

Wrath of God and all his might

One Direction would be worse


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facebookspammersshitshiteSocial media

A Life In The Day

A Life In The Day


SHARE if you have a hamster you love with all your heart who you know will do anything for you

QUENTIN has TAGGED you in his album 'Genital Warts' (51 pictures)
because all your friends want to see the spotted dick of a person they've never met

so close to LICK

STATUS UPDATE: my wife's left me
STALKER47: about time m8 - every...

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facebookfriendslikesSocial media

Pre-SocialMedia Times

A moment.

These days it's hard to have one
without feeling the need to share
every one with everyone.

Update it
       Tweet it
               Insta- it
                    'til we bleed.

How does this look?
         Who should we tag?
                 Where should we ping?

We've become factory workers
tasked with packaging our most worthy moments.

Keeping the extreme -

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social mediafacebooktwitterinstagram


friends of friends and an orgy of mutuality

each one ripe for the fucking until we greedily

eat our own tails


I find myself running low on chemistry


with so little reaction left inside of me

the water around the plug hole no longer spins,

it only falls


architectural wounds

cannot heal beneath this razor’s murderous haste

while the cognisant ...

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cliquesself congratulationSocial media

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