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Recipe For Angela

(someone asked me the other day what it was that was keeping me so "well" because they wanted to bottle it to give to others....this is what I came up with)


A little pinch of madness to compliment a smile,

A tablespoon of strength to walk on another mile,

Mix in a little courage so you can win each fight,

This is the key ingredient so you must get it right.


Find a pen and ...

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You see me in the world but I wish that I could hide,

So I hide the only way that I know how,

I find my escape from the things I keep inside,

I struggled way back then and still do now.


I pass you in the street and I mouth the word "hi"

My hurried steps tell you I do not,

Have time to chat, I have to rush on by,

I'm so busy....or at least that's what you thought.



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Facebook, Twitter, Texting all day long,

God help me if my signal isn't strong,

Quite sad I guess, but I know that it is true,

It's often just the way I can communicate with you.


Behind technology I can always hide,

If I can't get out the door because I'm trapped inside,

Some days it's true and I know it very well,

My bedroom is nothing but a prison cell.


I can go...

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Social media

Maybe Not Today

I know things will get better and I will be just fine,

I wake up in the morning and I long to see a sign,

A sign that things are changing, that joy is on it's way,

I know i'll be alright......just maybe not today.


I know around the corner there is so much in store,

I tell myself constantly to shut that painful door,

Shut out all the feelings of sadness and despair,

I tell...

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don't give up

Sometimes you realise you're stronger than you thought,

In hindsight you can surely see,

The person you were you and all but had forgot,

Lost sight of the person you could be.


No matter in life what dragged you down,

You dragged yourself back up,

The strength you showed when no-one around,

You fought back and didn't give up!


So much in you that's an oversight,


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I made a promise that if I survived,

If I managed to just pull through,

If somehow I found myself alive,

I would fight for me and for you!


They wrote me off and let me down,

So many assumptions made,

I couldn't swim, I was left to drown,

The price I have truly paid.


So many nights in that hospital bed,

I begged myself to just breathe,

I'd held on tight and m...

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Missing you David+

Last night you came into my dreams,

I think I know just what that means,

You're telling me that you do still care,

Although you're not here you are always there.


You're telling me that you still see,

The way life is turning out for me,

When I'm confused you understand,

When I'm afraid you take me by the hand.


My own life I know is not over yet,

You are with me ...

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David McCrimmon

In...then out


Why do Dr's think that I want to die,

I've told them time and again,

It's because I hurt and because I cry,

It's a way to release all the pain.


They don't try to hide that they're fed up,

With the "bad behaviour" they see,

If they'd take the time to see things close up,

Maybe they'd see things in me.


They don't see i'm embarrassed every time,

Each time tha...

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I begged them for help but they turned me away,

I tried by myself but what could I say,

I failed and I started a new nightmare,

It felt like the only thing that was there.

It started off with what the Dr's gave,

My life was in danger, I was trying to save,

I knew my own risk that they couldn't see,

If I didn't act fast I knew where i'd be!

I begged the Dr's time and ag...

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