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The modern day captor

Scrolling , scrolling 
Hoping to distract myself
From the thoughts that run laps in my head
Never stopping to admire

Liking, liking
So maybe when I post
People might return the favour
And I can have that false sense of belonging

Watching, watching
Looking for something to entertain me
Unable to find it 
So my eyes glaze over

Playing, playing
Games with no meaning
Never finishin...

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Technology can be a virus to society

entry picture

Remember when thing's used to be good,

musical sounds, movies the taste of our food

remember when we had such fun playing outside 

fishing running dancing going for a bike ride

A time before machines had us all hooked

when you'd go out for a meal and talk to each other and looked

When your parents would spend time with you

not online pretending to 

When you would burn off ...

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Pre-SocialMedia Times

A moment.

These days it's hard to have one
without feeling the need to share
every one with everyone.

Update it
       Tweet it
               Insta- it
                    'til we bleed.

How does this look?
         Who should we tag?
                 Where should we ping?

We've become factory workers
tasked with packaging our most worthy moments.

Keeping the extreme -
the happy
       the sad
             the a...

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