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Can We Pretend

Can we pretend
     social media highlights
     are every day life.

Can we pretend
     children aren't starving,
     neglected or abused.

Can we pretend
     Mother Earth will
     pardon our plundering.

Can we pretend 
     animals don’t suffer 
     for our gluttonous pleasure.

Can we pretend
     greed doesn't 
     fuel disease.

Can we pretend
     God is real and 

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where is superman:

They  all think I’m superman

I must have kryptonite in my back pocket

They all say I do so much good

But I can’t even solve my own fucking problems

They all think I’m some kinda super man

I must have some kryptonite in my back pocket then

Weaker than ever, I don’t have any of these powers

I’ve never known superman

To be a coward

I’ve never known a superman to need an esc...

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