Trash Overhead


Trash Overhead 

I live in the desert on my own little farm near the damn secret airbase where they do their testing.

My grandpa saw your nuclear tests in the 50s shook our walls and gave him cancer.

I sued the government and got $36,000 a fortune back then.

Re-vamped this old farm and met a girl who worked at the base,

her car broke down on the road and she became my wife.

She had nightmares and I held her as she cried,

My wife saw something in one of the labs late one lonely night while on duty.

She wouldn’t tell me but I knew it was aliens from her incoherent shouts in the dark of night.

Then we saw the strange discs overhead, air force research I knew.

Men in black came around and asked us to move but this is my land and farm. I buried my grandpa out back and lost my dad in Vietnam.

One day a disc was in distress and came down in the top field kicking up dust. My wife and I braved the violet flames to rescue the aircrew.

We were there before the rescue choppers and saw a dead pilot he looked so young.

My wife entered the crippled disc through a breech in the hull and she saw her nightmares, what haunted her dreams.

I followed her into the crippled ship and saw them – aliens. What was going on?

She mentioned the reactor and that she felt unwell, was it radiation?

My wife collapsed to the floor and I bent down to help her,

she told me to go or I would die so I fled outside.

The men in black were there waiting for me… 

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tony sheridan

Mon 24th Dec 2012 20:56

Nice one! Take care, Tony.

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