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The Writer's Plight

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For some, the writer's plight may be staring at a blank page, fear of rejection, or resistance presented in various forms. For me, the writer's plight is being available morning, noon, and night to welcome a steady stream of pop-in visitors with expectations of providing conversation, cooking, cleaning, even childcare for hours on end.

With a Mona Lisa smile, I weigh the importance of what my d...

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The stranger on her neck

Can you see the track marks up her arms?
I spy
With my wide eye
The stranger upon her neck.

Like the birthmark of a bloodhound,
Like a grisly flesh pinch,
An angrily sealed wound,
A Chinese burn,

A beating burning bruise,

A bloody blush:
The bite of the hungry.

Teeth she counted like cash,
The molars which paid her fine
And got her Alice's very own wonder

-ful escape...


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Philae Shakes The Hand Of God

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Philae Shakes The Hand Of God

What is the etiquette
for shaking hands
with God?

His ancient skin
so cracked
and old.

We have travelled far
to penetrate
His hide.

The cold, dark cosmos
squeals with

“Know your place,
you of greens
and blues”,

sing the disregarded
stars and

We pass through
the blazing tails
of comets.

We burn money
in plasm...

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