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No More Hellos

The phone rang again

She hesitated once more

To take the call now

Would prove that she is not strong

She knows well what he will say


She lets it ring on

Becoming deaf to its sound

As he did to her

Knowing she should not engage

So she lets it ring



He will come to realize

What he had was not

The kind of love she needed

The phone rings, ...

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The Moors

Grey fog wisping 'round

Not a sound or sight to see

A slow envelope

Folding down upon the land

As night creeps into the moors

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Immortality Methodology

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Immortality Methodology


Always remember -

endings are new beginnings.

Here’s to the future,

where an ending waits for me

while my words live forever.

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Tall Tree Tanka

Tall Tree Tanka



too many enjoy trying

to fell tall trees

when they should be hugged.

We need to learn to look up.



Frances Macaulay Forde © 2014


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Spring Woodland

Courting birds in song

New leaves bursting forth in trees

Waking forest floor

Ramble amongst grasping ferns

Soaked with early morning rain

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Fading memory

Frustrates thoughts of yesterday

From misty recall

Faraway days of childhood

Flood perfectly into view

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White clouds high in sky

Drifting in welcome warm breeze

Expose burning sun

I, on the long sandy beach

Approach cooling cobalt sea.

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NaPoWriMo 2016 Day Twenty Six

NaPoWriMo 2016


Day Twenty Six



What about April

Even weeds are weedier

What happened to spring


More showers this year than last

And today the snow came back  


In Piccadilly

The man with the feeding tray

Waiting for the birds


The grass is always astro

Dream on you know you can’t play


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napowrimo 2016tanka

Nature's Forecast


Dawn awakening

The sun, full like a ripe peach

Curtseys to the moon


As it powder paints the sky

With warning signs of danger.

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Unique Writing Residency

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WRITING POETRY: the haiku way


Monday - Friday 12th - 16th April 2010

Here is a little taster of what we'll be enjoying during the residential course:

The Haiku Game: great ice-breaker and relaxed way to start the course.
Haiku: its history, techniques, how to keep a haiku journal (complimentar...

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