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Ye Hypocrites-Ye Whited Sepulchres!

A nation,

That steals

From the


To give

To the


Not good


For me.


Like a


Good enough

For World

War Two;

Good enough

For me.






Good enough

For royalty;

Good enough

For me.


Loaves and fishes,

Bread and roses;

Good e...

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Orate Fratres - Brothers, Let us Not Prey

Orate Fratres

Our raison d’être? to fulfil the Lord’s prophecy!

For we are the Tory Party at prayer;

Prayerfully, we arrange the country’s economy

So the wealth of our friends should never be impaired.

Jesus preached that: ‘the poor will always be with us’,

In fulfillment whereof, we his Kingdom prepare;

Let us implement with care, Austerity’s cuts,

With the deserving p...

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Austeritythe poorJesusfor the many not the few

For The Many-Not The Few

He was not crucified for me,

And not for him, nor her, nor thee,

That gentle Jesus meek and mild,

Once graced our world, unknowing child,

In manhood, he in wisdom grew,

Spoke for the many, not the few,

He chose to face injustice’s sword,

And hypocrites with his spoken word,

They, who place burdens on the poor,

Which they can not themselves endure,

Those misery-made cr...

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About Islam


Hello Ghazala,
I was wondering if you could tell me the meaning of some words you use?
Do you recognise Jesus as a prophet?
Do you celebrate his birthday at Christmas?



Thanks for the comment U.O.C
sakeenah is tranquility, calm, peace, serenity
Azzawajall means almight...

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It's Christmas not Winter

Nearly bloody well threw up,

Today in bloody M&S,

Sick of bloody bull-shit,

Bloody “Winter Wishes” dishes!

Jesus Christ, enough already,

This is bloody Britain mate!

We’re celebrating bloody Christmas,

Not “Winter bloody Festival”,

Not “Winter bloody Holiday”,

This ain’t the bloody USA,

It’s bloody-well the UK,

Shove your bloody “Winter” bollocks,

Where the bloo...

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The power  to live in the likeness of jesus christ
To show empathy kindness forgiveness love and support
To teach of his suffering and lessons he taught
To walk in the light and all that do follow
Will not be immune to heartache or sorrow
Will not be loved more than their sisters an brothers
Will not avoid suffering or be more blessed than others
We suffer like he did
and no sympathy neede...

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Look No Further

Look No Further 

I need a friend to be with me
Whenever I am low 
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now on your way child go.

I need someone to help me
Whenever I go wrong,
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now go child run along.'

I need someone to be there
To help me every day,
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now go child on your way'

I need someone to be with me
To make sur...

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Christianguardian angelJesuslordHeavenly Father

No One Will Be There But Jesus

As friends solemnly told him to call
On them if ever he needed anything,
Only his pastor was candid enough
To tell him Jesus alone would stay.

And so it was as it had always been,
Walking alone on the beach, in town,
Along the highway, and in the upstairs
Hallway with no memory of being carried.

He supposed Jesus was a faithful companion,
But a bit quiet, and not much help when
A fla...

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He's the sinner's Savior, He's God's Son

His goodness is limitless, His life is matchless

He's incomprehensible, He's indescribable

The grave couldn't hold Him, but he can hold you.

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now start breathing,

everything around is around for the same reason. 

Catastrophe, catastrophe its all the same feeling

i'm too old to move on, i'm too old to keep dreaming.


When to move on is to grow and to grow is not leaving,

in a promise land we grow, and speak of the same reason

we speak of heaven and hell like they're not the same demon.


Well to move...

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I am Certain

In every city, I go.

In every country, I have been.

The Star and the Cross hope,

That he will be with us one day.


They call him by different names,

And claim him as theirs.

Both preaching similar faiths,

Both saying they are correct.


One says he is yet to come,

While the other hopes for him again.

One says he is the son of God,

While the other says, he wi...

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howl steppin (09/11/2016)

'you never write me back in the cold and sober howling winds of daylight, where you're in danger of being seen. you never write me when your form cannot bleed into the formless, rooting in, burrowed deep into the ground, wrapping ahold of me tight, feeling rather than seeing -- much unlike this stark and starchy daylight living. You only write when we re both tasting death by the precarious and cu...

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The Other Bloody Mary

No way honey!

That answer forever

Cause I can see your heart beating -

Beating out of your chest

When I undress,

Beating out of your chest when I am there.

No way honey,

Never never!

Cause you’re fresh out the holy water,

Fresh out Mary the mother.

Can’t corrupt the white light, the earths hope, world’s might!

Can’t let you give in, lose course, all in the name of ...

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February 2016 Collage Poem


Jesus went for a rather long walk

Through magpie faeces to the slaughterhouse

In the stench of hate

Hanging with religious gangrene

Cushioned in silent landscapes

Immersed silently with broken hope


Put away like broken dishes

A poetic riddle told what it could be,

Branches creaking like hands clapping

To the answer given.



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The iPhone of Beelzebub

I've stolen Beelzebub's iphone, now I know the numbers of his friends 

he's stuck for eternity without Facebook, oh how his hell never ends

I nicked St Peter's Kindle, now his words of wisdom are unsaid

Because I changed the password on his account, from Heaven swear words are sent

I hacked into Moses' iPad, now it's a tablet of stone

I wiped every file from the hard drive and chang...

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What if the NHS was one of us?

No home, no job, just 12 good friends.

Betrayed by one who swore they never would.

Died too soon for pointless reasons.

What if God the NHS was one of us?

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