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Slaughterhouse Red

Welcome to Britain, madam Ambassador for Genocide;

this carpet’s the latest fashion, Slaughterhouse Red.

Per Ardua ad Astra is how they died,

a diet of porky pies, what they were fed, 

“We will remember them”, cry solemn parrots, 

ad nauseam, per annum, dog-whistled, 

forgetting stick, they much prefer those carrots,

warmongering Lords want us protestors kettled; 

oh yes, ...

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Armistice Now!

A letter dropped through my post box the other day, it was addressed to The Occupier,

so I forwarded it to Benjamin Netanyahu (C/o UK and USA).


We want...

What do we want?


We want it now,

In our thousands,

in our millions,

we are all


Sir Kid starver

backs kid killing,

put up

shut up

no more.

We want...

what do we want?


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Created perfect,
From the dust of the Earth.

Then, moved to the Garden,
the Paradise of God.

Created for a purpose,
a call to tend and to keep.

To garden, Paradise,
To protect, the peaceful place of God.

To walk with God,
in the cool of the evening.

Powers beyond us today,
buried within us today.

Total control of the Garden,
dominion with love and wisdom.

Communing with...

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The Words of God, Jesus Christ

  The Words of God, Jesus Christ

Ujjal Mandal, India, August 3, 2020


One day a farmer went out to sow seeds. Some seeds
Fell by the roadside and were trampled on. The birds
Ate  them and fled. Some fell on rocky ground.
They germinated as usual but dried up due to deficiency
Of water. Some seeds fell into the bush but remained
There after being trodden. And another seeds fell on fe...

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Look No Further

Look No Further 

I need a friend to be with me
Whenever I am low 
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now on your way child go.

I need someone to help me
Whenever I go wrong,
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now go child run along.'

I need someone to be there
To help me every day,
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now go child on your way'

I need someone to be with me
To make sur...

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Christianguardian angelJesuslordHeavenly Father

King of Armaggedon

Apocolyptic prophecies foretold

The revelation is revealed

The horsemen make their descent

The angels break the seals

A cataclysmic lunar event

The blackening of the sun

Arachaic scriptures speak

The final days have begun

Kingdoms are torn apart

The trumpets are blown

Each disaster worsens

The wretched are left alone

Angels are now demons

Meterorites incinera...

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Was it all real, 

what was said in the night?

Words sound different in the morning. 

But isnt the Romantic the one who knows right? 

He is the one who sees clearly 

that other world moving through us. 

Believe the heights, believe the depths;

it is the banality of the middle ground that lies, 

not the joy of the morning or the pain of the night. 

I must cling to what is ...

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callingChristan poetryChristiansouldepthsheightssadnessdarknesshope

The Unyielding

Fools you are,
Following the words of the Deceitful One,
How can you kneel to a God that demands servitude?
An angry, jealous God that will make you kneel by force?
Are those the words and actions of a God of Love?
Of Kindness?
Those are the words of a Liar.
A marauder!
A scoundrel!

Fools you are,
Kneeling before an Unjust God!
A God of Deceit!
A God of Unjustly anger!
A God ...

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ChristianConverstionof PagansunyieldingmartyrPagan Poetry.

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