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Two Hearts

Two hearts not three my love

Only yours and mine beat together 

And that look as we stare off centre 

Tuning into radio US

The faraway glance that sees nothing

But hears everything 

Our station, our wavelength

Where we are the producers, directors the listeners

The head can hear the love when needed

The heart can silence the fear when we’re not near

Life has drawn us,...

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Violet Tulloch, Queen Of Lerwick

 (To the tune of the same name by Phil Cunningham)

Violet Tulloch, Queen of Lerwick
will you count me in a last time
round and round we go a last time
round and round we go

I remember one september
Violet Tulloch, Queen of Lerwick
Winter on the way one more time
round and round we go

Mists encroaching, frosts grown deeper
becoming the season
there's a ribbon, silken ribbon

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They let you down sweet child 

27 as you predicted 

Your heart was broken lady 

Neglected fooled addicted 

They could never get your soul though 

You guarded it so proudly 

Displayed it in your words 

As you sang your heart out loudly 

You created history sweet angel 

Unfinished unnurtured child 

Your Nurtured soul we cradle 

Soul cleansed with tears you cried 


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Amy Winehouse poemmusiclyrics

Lost in the Lyrics

I remember getting lost in the lyrics when I was a young girl. I would stop and start my record or cassette a hundred times while I wrote down every word so I could sing along to the song. 

Lyrics was my escape when I had no place to go.

I learned lyrics, meter, and rhyme, from the best poetry teachers of my time... 

Stevie Wonder, Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner, James Taylor,  Bob Seger, Barb...

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tick tok

My heart it beats fast such a rythem that can't be classed
As a heart tick tok tick tok tick tok 

MAY my magic be cast on your heart it will last... like a king from the past

My heart in another body ...when every body wore portrait pins instead of body art and tattoo a portrait that you...
Painted so blindly of me ..this you see what I see

In flight with the Eagle you soare you soare

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songsMusic & Poetrylyrics

Lyrical Lecture

You wanna know how to write?
Then learn from me,
My words are from the heart,
So true and free,
So listen up,
And listen good,
My rhymes always flow,
Just like they should,
I'll stomp you out,
And throw you about,
I'll kick you in the face,
Without a doubt,
I'll drag you around,
And beat you to a pulp,
I'm breaking bones,
Just like the hulk,
Gashes and bruises,
I'm tired of your e...

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When I’m remembering you

(Put on Chet Baker - Almost Blue - then read in his voice)


The only time we meet is when I’m remembering you

All my thoughts a bridge

Constructed out of loyal recollections

Reflections I’ve perfected in my mind

And again you are divine

Again you are mine

More mine than ever - before

For a moment -

For a moment - sublime

More than ever before

When I’m remember...

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Cry on Moana we could use the rain

She's so tired

Saddened and uninspired

Looking through her shoe-box of memories

Trying to find out what happened to her desires



Cry on...Cry on

Cry on


we could use the rain

Cry on...Cry on

Cry on


who knew a shoe box of memories could carry so much pain


A new Morning will dawn

Love will come to find you

Love will come walking u...

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Have You Seen My Wayfaring Father

Have you seen my wayfaring father

He went astride before I was grown

He left our stead and my fragile mother

(He said he would not tarry long)

I summon him this decoration day


I left our stead late December

(With no ballast or chink in my pockets)

Across Mountain brook

Through thorn-ed bramble

To find him consorting with the abandons

I will not be swayed, this de...

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For a moment (Lyrics)

I want to find myself lost in the panic of a moment

Want to feel my heart skip a beat

When I see the girl of my dreams - staring at me

Yeah - Staring - smiling - right at me


Yeah and the moment will feel so real - but it will be like a dream

And we’ll feel so light in our moment

Like we’re standing on the moon

Yeah like we’re standing on the moon


And it will be li...

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lyricsRomantic poems

Free Pass

Renegade living, after the Vietnamese boat-boy was beaten, after motorcyclist came looking, after steel toe-capped boots and a hammer threat, after a nearly ended dad by caged bird
Forty miles from the sea he shouted about a broken car window handle, never onto manipulations or abortions
Too tight squeezes later, tax man and his vice girl with the lost dog lie
By nervous accident, same place, f...

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Beat PoemBeat Poetrycontemporary poetryexperimental poetryfree verselyricspoempoetry


And I want to be a better man to you mum.. .

But you just don't agree with the things I have done, while I don't agree with having

to be socially accepted I need to conform, but you don't understand. 


I live for myself in a flurried world.


Where being myself is such a crime and I can't imagine myself alive, at the thought of  cheating my own mind... 

It breaks me apart!


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Walking along 
listening to the birdsong 
dancing on the wind  
a seagull flew by 
look to the right 
tree in the sky 
makes me feel alright.

Spin the wheel, 
the sandman steals 
the leaves deceive, 
blinded by the green 
the ocean dreams 
three little trees 
one full seed,
black and blue 
inbetween the green 
a reddened hue. 

Eleven points in tact, 
the lights, t...

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A storm is coming 
and I can't sleep. 
I can feel the deep 
lapping at my feet. 
Tides tease 
waves black and violent 
breathe, plead
come inside take a peek. 
I think I retreat 
go back 
hide in the trees 
where the owl 
steals my dreams 
and the grass 
colours everything green.
Not all is 
always as it seems 
in between lies 
the true heart of things.


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Mystic Blue

I think of you my ocean view, 
my sweet sunrise, 
my mystical moonlight blue. 
I think of you all the time, 
all the while 
drowning in my sleep. 

You drive me crazy 
with your absence. 
You drive me crazy 
with your presence. 
I love the chaos you bring, 
leaves me incomplete, 
open, breakable.

The less you give, 
the more I want. 
The more you give, 
all I want. 
I long for ...

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Golden Hues

Can't write a line for the fire 
burning in my mind. 
An ocean of flames, 
she ignites inside. 
A passion so deep, 
I thought long ago died. 
I buried it down 
and now it does rise.

I see a beauty in her eyes, 
a spark that's hard to define, 
even harder to find. 
Her smile sets the soul alight 
and I bask in the glory 
of her perfect light.

When I listen to you read,
such a fee...

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now start breathing,

everything around is around for the same reason. 

Catastrophe, catastrophe its all the same feeling

i'm too old to move on, i'm too old to keep dreaming.


When to move on is to grow and to grow is not leaving,

in a promise land we grow, and speak of the same reason

we speak of heaven and hell like they're not the same demon.


Well to move...

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Beliefmodestymodestlifeepiphanyrelaxopen mindgodheavenhelljesuslordpoempoetryreadreadingwritingwritewriterlyricschillreligiondrugs

Inspired by Beleaf's song:Depressed


I do it cause I'm depressed
I'm depressed cause I do it
I do it cause I'm depressed
I'm depressed cause I do it
I do it cause I'm depressed
I'm depressed cause I do it
My God'll help me get through it


See what happened was

I was trying to get into the in crowd

They watch triple x shows on the internet

I stepped into the same world wide web

i thought I was in...

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Krypto's song

I'm on that up, up, up and away (x4)

Yay, Yay

On that up, up, up and away


We in this life not to stay

Pilgrims in the way

Straight and narrow is how it's looking

On solar power is what we cooking

Serious heat

No defeat

Know the feet

Get weary

So take flight

Let's get on that up, up, up and away

Yay, yay

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The Transcendentalist

So the scents of pre cornflake sex
And post energy drink breath
Pervades the carriage like a squid squadron infusion..

Acrid lemon bleach musk cologne
Tinkly-plink-thud beats effervesce from earphones
She leans arching on the glass pane knackered
Eye-liner Rothko remastered
Her groin marine satyr
Not so lucky a bastard
She receives a sext from another torpedo piece of spam with pecs

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Suki Spanglespost-rock poetrypost rockhumourhumorhumorous poetrylyricssatirical poetry

Tycho (Deviationist Astronaut And The Zany Karmic Architect)

I'm rushing below the firmament in a submarine
Pulled up by balloons 
Rocket thrusters won't work in a vacuum
The torrid plasma liquid washes over the viewing screen
And the Hubble telescope cannot anywhere be seen
This periscope doesn't recognise the space handed to us it seems..

Am I floating beneath the epidermis of a prison planet scheme
I fear this is way beyond my theosophical steam

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post-rock poetrySuki Spanglesscience fiction poetryscience fictionhumorhumourlyricshumorous poetrysurreal poetry

The Vast Asterism Dawn

Yet close
Yet not
Nursing only the mirage
Threading through the veiled horizon

Or release
The lifting
The reveal
A beauty insane

The first spark
Igniting the internal jet ruby
Imparting the call answer
Sweeping up all my nights' rivers
Washing away stones carelessly thrown
Rivulets melt time frozen reshowing

let go let go

Drops flung
The infinite ocean a drop
One dr...

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Suki Spangleslyricspost-rock poetry

I Had To Write This Poem

I had to write this poem 
because I thought of this one great line,
What do you think -
will it stand the test of time?

Well, I had to write it down
to deter other poets stealing this idea;
You know lines are clutched from the atmosphere,
Or they fall like apples, spill over like beer.

I had to write this poem,
Because I thought of this one great line;
Like a beat messiah,
My acid m...

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humorhumorous poetrylyricshumourperformance poetrypost-rock poetry

Forest Gate Mystery Train (Spoken Word)

I'm on the Forest Gate Mystery Train,
With my burgled geranium eyes.
I'm on the Forest Gate Mystery Train,
Sighing goldfish clock sardine spies.

Spammed atomic; trolleyed marine,
Frost-buckled arms glow margarine,
Slender dolls slalom offside knees,
Capsules backslide into the stalagmite City.

Tutankhamen consortia;
Shoulder-penguins soggy cadge the dap...

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gonzo poetryhumorhumorous poetryhumourlyricspost rock poetrysatirical poetrysongSuki Spangles

I'm Going To Write A Poem About You

Childish I'm sure
But the way that pavement cyclist 
Pedestrian-pranged me his signature 
I became his press-ganged human speed-bump
Suffering concrete-kissing discomfiture
Well he certainly deserved nothing less
than the back hand of my pierian
So as the pebble-assed smurf pelted away
Revolving dalek camera on his pompous high viz head
I brushed myself down
Bracing myself for what I a...

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Suki Spangleshumorous poetrysatirical poetrylyricsperformance poetry

You Should Have Been Here Yesterday (Copenhagen Unicorns And Stockholm Starfish)

You should have been here yesterday
Ten thousand flamingos danced all over the square
A bouquet of jasmine blooms filled the air
Golden geese spiralled a mid-air fanfare
Peace doves gently dropped ribbon boxes of chocolate eclairs

You should have been here yesterday
Billionaires gave away their mansions and wares
Rare paintings
             and rare cars 
                       with fre...

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humourhumorous poetrySuki Spangleslyricshumorous verserhyming

Road Home

I drove home from Sunday night folk club with a storm over my house in the distance.  The beginning of this came to me.



Road Home


Leaves and walls and windows spin,

a jigsaw broken by a falling sun.


the road home,

a breaking storm.

I wonder what we began.


There is no calm centre,

power and colour after.


Yesterday isn’t the journey,


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lyricspoemabstract surreal

Let me Bleed

Blue sea below stormy skies
No one sees bleeding eyes,
Or the pain and the heartache
That keeps me awake My dreams, all are shattered
My head truely battered 
This pain that I feel.....
Is surely unreal. Surely unreal. Pierced my armour 
Down goes my shield
Broken defences
Just let me bleed
Just let me bleed One day you'll regret
The things that you've left.....

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The Soul of an Artist

The soul of an artist,

famine or harvest.

An exercise in extremity,

symmetric serenity.


Raw yet crafted

a tool made from bone

fleshed out by interpreting existence.


The soul of an artist,

famine or harvest.

An exercise in extremity,

symmetric serenity.


A fusion of real and surreal

a soulful symbiote

intertwined with their v...

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