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Time Wanes Thin

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I never felt to push or shove

people toward the God of love.

It seemed that it was not my place,

“Just give them time and give them space”.


But then I came to understand,

when vision of a failing dam

appeared in revelation’s dream,

and as I dreamt I looked to see

a town that lay downstream below.


In dead of night, they did not know

that little time remained until

collapse would come and floods would fill

the valley, bringing death to all

the sleeping souls, and so I called

as loud as I could raise my voice.

I ran the streets, I had no choice.


I beat upon windows and doors.

I warned of what things lay in store

if folks would not rise up and leave,

but many simply looked at me

as though I were a crazy fool.

Some slammed their doors, and some were cruel.


They mocked me as they turned away,

and I had no more time to stay.

For in the distance I could hear

the raging flood that now was near.

And all that I could do was flee

to higher ground for my safety.


Then as I turned and looked back down,

a wall of water swept the town

with total devastating force.

I cried out loud. My heart remorsed.

If only they had known the cost,

but they are gone, so many lost.


And so I learned from that night’s dream

I do not have the luxury,

to sit and let the time wane thin.

The time is now, I must begin

to warn as many as I can.

For soon shall come…

The Son of Man.


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