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The Lantern

Your heart sags wrinkled now

Old and grey before its time

Ravages shown in bandy legs

A heavy toll of frost and rime


Tarry not till your heart is old

Make hay afore night descends

Time rips fast and none knows

When life sinks low and ends


Once your heart was fanciful

Joys were the order of the day

Now its an armchair and pills

Listening to what doctors sa...

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hooded figureoldsinsthe lanterntimewrinkled heart

Fill me.

Missing life. Empty streets. Cold hearts.

Covering your face what you once criticised on stranger's faces.


Missing love. Empty hearts. Cold air.

Covering the flowers in your heart, the strings of my guitar.


Missing music. Empty stages. Cold rooms.

Covered ears, listening to scary news, not to music anymore.


Missing passion. Empty beds. Cold skin.

Covering all lu...

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The Other Bloody Mary

No way honey!

That answer forever

Cause I can see your heart beating -

Beating out of your chest

When I undress,

Beating out of your chest when I am there.

No way honey,

Never never!

Cause you’re fresh out the holy water,

Fresh out Mary the mother.

Can’t corrupt the white light, the earths hope, world’s might!

Can’t let you give in, lose course, all in the name of ...

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