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One without the Other

There is no Easter Sunday without Good Friday.


There is no relief, if there is to suffering to relieve


These peaks of happiness mean nothing,

without the depths of despair.


There can be no connection to others,

without a clear and grounded self.


Hope can only take root,

from a place of hopelessness.


Love can only express its importance,

in the fa...

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What scripture is for me

Some say, it’s the Law. Made to rule over your life.

Some say, it’s a devotional. Flip open to a random page and find the perfect phrase

to help fight off your Tuesday.


Come, let me introduce you to a story.

The story of our world.

The scandalous claim of creation.

The paradox, of God’s faithfulness.


Come, and listen to the tale,

Of how God shattered every expecta...

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Look up

Fear of what?

fear of who I am?

who I am called to be?


We have been over this,

You are called to be your full self.

So why are you afraid child?

why do you fear your own nature?


“I am angry”

You are passionate


“I am scared”

You are courageous


“I am resentful”

I will be with you


“I am alone”

I AM with you


“I am nothing”


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ChristianityLasting Hope

Imago Dei

Are you there?


I pray to you each and every night in despair, 

Yet they remain unanswered as if you do not care. 


I sink solely in my thoughts,

As heartache floods through my veins.

Suffocating and feeling distraught, 

Trapped and stuck in these emotional chains. 


My life has come to that of which only you can intervene.

My soul is no longer at peace (and y...

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I feel a pain sear through my head,

bloodied rocks tumble to the ground.

Sinner, Sinner, covered in red,

searching for peace that’s not yet found.


I lift an arm to shield my eyes,

blackened blood trickles down my cheek.

From myself I try to hide,

to God above, I cannot speak.


“Child,” a hand’s placed on my shoulder,

“there is no need to be in pain.”

He lifts...

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The Magic and Mystery of Ministry

Know how in the 1970s the televangelists
All had perfectly sculpted and blow-dried hair?
Well, my Daddy was at least partly responsible
For all that glitz and fancy get-up.

He didn’t do hair for anyone as famous
As Pat Robertson or Jim Bakker, but
Styled hair for some big traveling evangelists
Like Gene Williams. These guys would take the
Word of God around the world, but come back
To G...

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religionchristianityevangelistshair stylingnapowrimoglopowrimo

I am Certain

In every city, I go.

In every country, I have been.

The Star and the Cross hope,

That he will be with us one day.


They call him by different names,

And claim him as theirs.

Both preaching similar faiths,

Both saying they are correct.


One says he is yet to come,

While the other hopes for him again.

One says he is the son of God,

While the other says, he wi...

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Don't You Dare

Don't you dare lie to us about Islam 

Don't you dare say ISIS is more than just a sham

The truth is Islam is all about peace and that's a fact

The truth is ISIS has no truth at all, it's all just an act


For just like Christianity, Islam has been misused

For just like Christianity, Islam has been abused

By power seeking maniacs who speak no truth at all

There’s never been ...

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Religious Dogma

From the dawn of man when he perceived

When he philosophised about conduct of the life to lead

Hallucination and myth began to unfold

The roots of religious dogma began to grow


Religious text stemmed from man made stories

Written by scholars to express their theories

Taking what you will from whatever you agree

But blind faith is foolish, it is so unreal



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What if the NHS was one of us?

No home, no job, just 12 good friends.

Betrayed by one who swore they never would.

Died too soon for pointless reasons.

What if God the NHS was one of us?

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Battle of Demon's Run

emons run

and heroes fight.


Doctor Doctor,

Red Bull and happy pills...

yet still no wings to take flight.

I'm in a state of spiritual paralysis

dripping out fears in emotional dialysis.


Demons run

and heroes fight.


Take it back to the start as you tear me apart

memories piercing the fabric of my existence.


Demons run


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