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Hello Ghazala,
I was wondering if you could tell me the meaning of some words you use?
Do you recognise Jesus as a prophet?
Do you celebrate his birthday at Christmas?



Thanks for the comment U.O.C
sakeenah is tranquility, calm, peace, serenity
Azzawajall means almight...

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Quixote's Windmills

I got out of bed every Sunday morning,

Old as I was; ate a full English breakfast,

Followed by porridge, I was ready for storming

those bastards on the Parish church doorsteps,

The Quakers, Wee Frees, the Muslims n' Jews,

Non-Conformists, Joves Witnesses united as one.

All preaching and pleading;

"don't sit in those pews",

You really don't want to be sitting in here,


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