I am Certain

In every city, I go.

In every country, I have been.

The Star and the Cross hope,

That he will be with us one day.


They call him by different names,

And claim him as theirs.

Both preaching similar faiths,

Both saying they are correct.


One says he is yet to come,

While the other hopes for him again.

One says he is the son of God,

While the other says, he will restore and reign.


They both worship him in their ways,

Giving him all the glory and respect.

They both say they follow what their holy book says,

So why have they been blinded by darkness and hate?


They only care about themselves,

Pushing away those different from them.

Both using the name of their creator,

To rule and control people and government.


They overlook the hungry,

They overlook the poor,

Now they seem to preach simply for money,

Every time…. wanting more.


Their leaders living in mansions,

Flying in private jets.

The followers marching against others,

Saying that their God hates them.


They have both fallen into corruption,

Forgetting what their God has really said.

So-called preachers and prophets now dictate,

What is righteous and what is faith.


Yet, I am certain,

That if their Messiah or Mashiach is ever here.

The non-believers will believe and have faith,

While the believers will not even know that he’s here.


Those who have eyes, to see.

Those who have ears, to hear.

Those who have a heart,

To love and feel.

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E.M Chino

Sun 19th Feb 2017 23:41

Glad you liked it Gem! Thanks for reading it.

<Deleted User> (16596)

Thu 16th Feb 2017 21:38

I adore this poem! Thank you for sharing ❤

<Deleted User> (16596)

Thu 16th Feb 2017 21:37

I adore this poem! Thank you for sharing ❤

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