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Hello Ghazala,
I was wondering if you could tell me the meaning of some words you use?
Do you recognise Jesus as a prophet?
Do you celebrate his birthday at Christmas?



Thanks for the comment U.O.C
sakeenah is tranquility, calm, peace, serenity
Azzawajall means almighty God.
Jesus (peace be upon him) was born to Mariyum (peace be upon her) He was born miraculously without any male intervention and this is a test of faith/belief. We muslims believe Jesus will return to kill Antichrist/Dajjal. Jesus peace be upon him is one of the prophet as mentioned by Allah in Quran. We muslims love him and honour him.
Many muslims celebrate Christmas whereas many don't.


Thank you Ghazala.

What you say about Jesus (peace be upon him) is very similar to what I (a Christian ) was taught about him when I was a child.

I also understand that Muslim Palestinians celebrate Christmas.





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Ghazala lari

Sat 24th Dec 2022 04:26

Thank you.🌷

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