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Murdoch's Tool


His dad was a toolmaker,

he’s frequently said;

no surprise whatsoever,

that the tool’s now in bed

with foul Rupert Murdoch;

why don’t he just get wed,

to the thing under that rock,

the source of the sewer,

read by a gullible flock,

that rag filled with bile;

justice for the many?

no, not by a mile,

justice for fewer!

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Ye Hypocrites-Ye Whited Sepulchres!

A nation,

That steals

From the


To give

To the


Not good


For me.


Like a


Good enough

For World

War Two;

Good enough

For me.






Good enough

For royalty;

Good enough

For me.


Loaves and fishes,

Bread and roses;

Good e...

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Jesuspovertysocialismpoet laureate

A Left Wing Rant in Blank Verse

This is my first serious attempt at Blank Verse.

It rambles on a bit, and it's rather long, for which I apologise.


























































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Blank versesocialism

United Futilities

A Disunited King-dom,
Socialism for the obscenely rich,
A United Futilities Turd-dom,
Sleep on the streets-or in a ditch,
Can't even heat water for a bath,
"Let 'em eat turnips" sez one fat bitch,
Homes for ...

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socialismunited futilitieshomes for heroesturnips

Red Flag Blues

Red Flag Blues


Through a rose tinted haze

That barely warms my heart

Comes a lukewarm reaction

That tears my beliefs apart

Nothing to vote for

No contradictory views

Politically impotent

Red flag blues


Insipid humility

Nothing new to say

Trading in ineffectiveness

Another grey day

Gets rid of opposition

Spectral on the news

leading blind acoly...

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new labourred flagsocialismno choicekeir starmer


To lose yourself whilst everyone forges their own image of you,


Conforming to societies norms in order to see life through. 


Do you succumb and forget the part of yourself which you once true?

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Society StructureSystemGovernmentSocialismCapitalism

The Kids are Proper Communists

I’ve always supported freedom and equality

I wanted minorities to have equal opportunity.

I believed in promoting a liberal social order,

Showing non-aggression and peace at the border.

I wanted to teach the world to live in perfect harmony,

So that our new Utopia would all be down to me,

But my kids are proper communists,

They want to overthrow the state.

They will give ev...

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Hypothetically speaking I want to be happy. & that is the only objective I'll pursue. Machination and epiphanies may aid in the constitution of strategies that'll supposively enable me to achieve delectation and felicity, But ultimately what makes you happy? Money, materials? - No. Not at all. Tangible goods can't remunerate and compensate for the emptiness of your soul. Possessions can only stren...

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guilty pleasuresguruHappinesslifephilosophysocialismsystemthoughts

Here There Be Demons

Here There Be Demons

there is a small terraced house
on the dark side of Benefit Street
where a mother lies with cancer
and a child has nothing to eat
where a father kicks anything that moves
whether wife or child or dog
then drowns himself in self pity
and rancid numbing grog

when he leaves he leaves a hole
as wide as any pit
and a family who cannot cope
without their benefit
it ...

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benfits streetdemonisationright wing pressshit TVsocialismtory propagandavalid benefit claimswitch hunting




Under a northern sky,

the colour of slate,

the bones of our fathers

crunch underfoot

as we climb the hill

to reach the cross

of judgement

at the summit.


Know your place

child of mill worker,

miner, steel worker,

know your place -

for you are not

of our class,

you have no education

at our schools

and univer...

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golgothamountain of skullsjudgement daytory policysocialismworking classclass war

What if the NHS was one of us?

No home, no job, just 12 good friends.

Betrayed by one who swore they never would.

Died too soon for pointless reasons.

What if God the NHS was one of us?

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GodReligionChristianityJesusNHSCameronToriesCutsConservatives put the N into CutsConDemNationConDemQuestionNaPoWriMoLiesGovernmentHealthcareSocialism

August Storm (written August 2011)

August spawned a raging storm

four nights we watched our TV burn

we wrung our hands in shock and shame

then looked for someone else to blame


gazing over the fresh grown rubble,

the long term surplus of borrowed trouble

it begs a question with which we must wrestle.

if it’s only the threat of burning petrol


that makes the truth of now more palpable


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