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Let The Night Fall

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Let The Night Fall


Let the night fall and cover us

with heavy molasses sleep

that makes our bodies

sink into soft linen sheets.


Clouds of pillows

swirling round

our dream filled heads.


Let the night fall and still

the howling creatures

clawing at the doors

of our subconscious..


Folds of duvet


the ravages of life.


Let ...

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now start breathing,

everything around is around for the same reason. 

Catastrophe, catastrophe its all the same feeling

i'm too old to move on, i'm too old to keep dreaming.


When to move on is to grow and to grow is not leaving,

in a promise land we grow, and speak of the same reason

we speak of heaven and hell like they're not the same demon.


Well to move...

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From where we are

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Sometimes in this world we need to be broken

It is only then a new life can be woken

Stripping away all that is damaged and lost

Forgetting the past and what it has cost


Listen to the unspoken words of your soul

Rise from the ashes and aim for your goal

Believing in yourself is a good place to start

Is it time to rip the questions apart?


It is not always the stron...

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