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Roger McGough and Brian Patten Involved in New Community Anthology



Roger McGough and Brian Patten, two of the original Mersey Poets, have contributed work to a new community anthology. They, along with Adrian Henri, found fame in the 1960s with their book The Mersey Sound, which is said to have brought poetry down from the shelf and onto the streets. Their work was hugely influential, and they have retained this ethos ever since.

They have collaborat...

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North liverpool taxi ride 

It was a clear.. autumn... day outside 

But everyone was unaware

Of this special day on Merseyside

I spoke to the driver in the cab 

He asked what I thought about the stag 

The stag I asked what do you mean 


It's all over the news haven't you seen? 


There has been sightings in the North of the city 

An animal rare so sacred so pretty 


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The World in Lockdown People's Poem (Merseyside)







A patchwork-style poem written by the people of Merseyside during England's first Coronavirus lockdown 2020




Curated by Barry Woods

Assisted by Michelle Wright





(c) Copyright contributors 2020 (listed at the end)












World in Lockdown


We're earning o...

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It’s Bleak up North, now

It’s Bleak up North, now


Not because of the virus

But the business and people’s jobs

That will fall now


Tears 3:

The pubs that will not open their doors again


Tears 3:

The Christmas presents that won’t be bought


Tears 3:

The homelessness that will grow bigger


But not at your door…


The virus is a killer.


But you wouldn’t give ou...

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World in Lockdown People's Poem on Facebook

The World in Lockdown People's Poem is now online and free to read at:

Please give it a read!

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