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Head-Butt the Heads of State with a Logic Noggin
Spank and scold the political children in adult skin
Give the Government a Time-Out and have it sit in the corner
Lock the toy box
Take away their Red Rolls Royce wagons and Barbie & Ken wardrobes
Restrict them from cell phones and internet access
Give them a broom and a mop
Slap that hand!

Election time mass media moronified
Tattling tales...

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Here is the News

We take your faces to paper our walls.

We take your stories to hang in our halls.

We are the presenters, presenting the truth.

Believe us or not, it's up to you.

But most do.


We take your thoughts and turn them around.

We tell you which investments are sound.

We are the impartial in-telly-gents.

Believe us or not, it's up to you.

But most do.



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information warmediapropoganda

Pretty Girls and Serial Killers

So Hold That Hit As Though It’s Your Last. L
Said That Song Sounds Like Suicidal Pop. O
Filled With Pointless Answers. V
A Cynical Crease In Cancer. E
If It Breaths, Kill It. H
If It Breaks, Save It. A
If I Write, Do They Hide? T
Or Melt Away Into Ebon Night? E
Always A Lesson To Learn. S
For Even The Cold Can Burn. E
A Sequel For Death Is Cumming Next. X
But It’s For A Lack, Uninspir...

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Cannibal JonesMedia

Social media

entry picture

Login and share your life upload pics of your husband or wife Share your kids with an unknown stranger putting yourself and them in danger. update your status and press post Show them off and boast. You need those likes otherwise what's the point? Sit back and roll a joint. it's sad that you feel the need to compete with your own friends who'm you deceit. A generation full of narcisists who know n...

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I just got finished reading a very depressing comments thread on Facebook..... So it's probably time to stop....

I chose to delete once before

But decided to try again

Social media seems so much more interesting

Than endless rounds of freecell

But between every post of a friend

Is a reminder of the world and how it ends

Of all the evil and rudeness and sin

Decadent glory of our own destruction

So I'm thinking of deleting again


But of course I could just soldier on

La la...

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Some thoughts on body shaming of Olympic athletes - the most ridiculous nonsense I have heard!

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mild frenzy

entry picture

they lined up

in their smart suits and executive hair

outside the foundation stone

of a nations ruin ready to eulogise

to heap praise upon a legacy

of division


the traffic slowed

and the tempers frayed in a burg

where there is never enough

most had left by 8PM

save one expecting maybe

a ghost?


returning at the earliest light

most h...

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Social Media

Press the button, take the picture, put it in an album

Cut it, file it, edit the picture, post it online


Electronic images made for you

Pictures made for me


Blog it, post it, make it on line

Let us see it live


Instant one click online viewing

Upload, download, overload


Information all around, save it in a folder

Load the picture, load ...

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"social media"internetmediasocial

The Communications Trilogy Pt:1 Television

Hi everybody

 So I have written a trilogy of poems based on the subject of communication. I have rather inventively decided to call them The Communications Trilogy.

 The first on the Trilogy is Television, whilst I am someone who is generally pessimistic about the media and government and don't really believe a word of what we are told, I do suffer from a subconscious paranoia. Beaten i...

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