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Some thoughts on body shaming of Olympic athletes - the most ridiculous nonsense I have heard!

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They All Concurred


They came, they saw, they concurred!
"It's been the best Olympics ever" I heard,
so if that wannabe president from over the sea,
wants to eat humble pie, then you know that's ok by me...
Meantime perhaps we should ask can he tell us all,
just "where is the beef?" in his political call?
Not that we're so bothered from right over here,
as our tiny isl...

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We grimaced, we laughed and then we cried.

The flame was lit and some would have we marched in step

But were we just postponing our miseries for two weeks

We will still be poor and we’ll still have our wars come Monday morn

So until then the world can get along without us just fine

We’ll pick up the cudgels once more on the 13th, let’s say, around 9?

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london 2012olympics


Today marks the opening of a great time in UK sporting history and the opportunity to welcome the world to

our shores - and, in particular - to the world's most famous city.  There are "lies, damned lies and statistics"

and the politics of envy and disbelief.   But let us put them all aside for a few weeks while we marvel and

rejoice at the elevation of human aspiration in its fines...

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The Olympics Are Like An Onion. It'll All End In Tears...

Here's the latest post from the blog on my website:

I sometimes fear that I am becoming something of a broken record when it comes to the impending Summer Games. Not only that, but a broken record that had very little to say in the first place like, say, anything Coldplay have ever whined into a microphone. Or an interview with Boris Johnson. Honestly, I will never see the appeal of electin...

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How is Persil like Myra Hindley? Find out here...


Continuing the theme of laziness, here is the most recent post from my blog and it's none too complimentary look at Olympic sponsorship. Woo...

For all the previous posts check out:


Stop Lying You Money Grabbing Pricks

Last time I got inordinately annoyed at the number of ‘momentous’ events taking place in Britain during 2012. I al...

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AngerDow ChemicalLondon 2012Olympics

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