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In the spirit of Leona...

In the world of tax (and tax avoidance)

watch what we say, not what we do.

It's not levied on the likes of us:

it's only meant for you.

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Expect us not to believe

Expect us not to believe
You could miraculously fetch
Water with a sieve!

Till we return to dust
You, nothing better than a rust,
Could not quench our thirst.

Collecting taxes
Without combing out lechers
That spare not even the broke
Or the stone to siphon
Rather has an impact adverse,
For it is allowing few
Nation's wealth unfairly amass
At a cost of harm to
The credulous and       ...

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Tax avoidance...tax evasion

Moral choice...self-persuasion.

One is legal, one is not,

For keeping money you have got.


It's common sense to use the law

To keep the wolf outside the door

Protecting precious hard earned dosh

From heavy hits by the taxman's cosh.


So - here's the gist of my personal plan

To keep as much as I possibly can;

Tho' I know for sure the...

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You can only be taxed on what you earn

And so with that in mind, I turn

To politicians - lazy and lax

Who talk about a bedroom tax.

I live long-term in a one-bed flat:

I'm taxed on what I pay for that.

Should I expect a refund made

On the basis that if I will downgrade

To a studio - (bedsit if the word suits you)

And hand my flat to someone new?

Of course not - but I'...

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Entropy Song

The Union man gets up to say that rights he fought for day by day

Are quickly being snatched away. Hurrah the Union man!

He’s calling out to you and me to show some solidarity

And march beside the TUC. Defend the Union man!


The low paid worker makes a plea to call upon our sympathy.

The state affords him subsidy to make a living wage.

When public jobs are privatise...

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No-one likes an angry poet on Youtube


Here's the video version of the poem I posted in early November. Just in time for the day of action against Starbucks, too!

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