The Communications Trilogy Pt:1 Television

Hi everybody

 So I have written a trilogy of poems based on the subject of communication. I have rather inventively decided to call them The Communications Trilogy.

 The first on the Trilogy is Television, whilst I am someone who is generally pessimistic about the media and government and don't really believe a word of what we are told, I do suffer from a subconscious paranoia. Beaten into me by the barage of negativity in the press.

 I think this sums in up.




There is danger outside my window

Television tells me so

I peek through gaps in metal blinds

Witness to reality


Gangs of crazed and drunken youths

Possibly armed, probably careless

Streams of traffic with no sense of rule

Indicators, speed limits and crossings ignored


Dignitaries in foreign lands

Plotting to arm themselves against us

Fragile allies with hidden agendas

Gripping us close whilst crushing to death


Anonymous rallies in our streets

Speaking up for our rights and truths

Government and enforcers act in rage

Taxes increase and work is sent abroad


There is danger outside my window

I just don't want to look




◄ A.W. of Accrington

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