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White Rose

In a world full of people

so lost in the fight

I’ve not met another like you,

who midst all the crowd

stands out in the night…

as the white rose of all that is true.

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purityhonestybeing true

Pure Water

A life sustained by water pure,

yet marred by memory of the wine.

Like fragrant waft of soft allure

diminished not by hands of time.


Forever clear the water streams,

yet never ends the draw to wine.

Forever helpless so all seems

to purge the memory from my mind.


Though water's healing - ever constant,

soft and clean and unaware

how often it hath quenched my ...

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puritytrue love

April First


No more fools again on April 
It was last lies to believe 
Complicated!!, Why not simple? 
Take it easy, or should leave 


If someone forces to trust 
That one puts others in doubting 
When the truth appear very fast 
That one is afraid or hiding 


We should only pray to God 
God will keep hearts more faithful 
When the purity clean the blood 
Surely life will be more...

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