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She's the new girl in town, getting everyone's attention
Her beauty is unique, her smiling face a novel mystery
Her soft gentle touch will make your knees weak, you'll fall for her
She's jealous, and wants you all to herself
she wants you home and isolated, away from everyone else
Her enticing ways will play games with your head, she'll get what she wants
You, exposed and vulnerable, laying ...

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Our Covid Christmas

This year has been different and certainly strange,
So for this Covid Christmas we must all make a change.
With our loved ones we may not be able to share,
But remember them still and know that they do care.

Although Covid-19 makes us all be apart,
Try to be strong and remain stout of heart.
Though at this festive time numbers may be reduced,
Know a wonderful Christmas may still be produc...

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Stuart VannerChristmasCovid-19Corona virusHopeNew Year

Over Corona

We've had such a long time with this Covid-19,
The greatest pandemic that there's ever been.
With huge numbers infected and some having died,
To stop this virus we have all certainly tried.

Now it seems that we may now have a solution,
As vaccines are prepared with mass distribution.
While we all had to live in this dreadful reality,
Can we at last now return to normality?

When all vac...

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Corona VirusCovid19FreedomStuart Vanner

Our Covid

All Great Britain has now seen
How dreadful is Covid-19.
While it is hard to make predictions,
We hate all these dismal restrictions.

Has Nottingham reason to be in fear
Now it is placed upon the second tier?
For its people what shall this mean,
As we envisage this depressing scene?

While our politicians fight their wars,
Recall us being long cooped up indoors.
So many people do not ...

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Corona VirusCovid 19FreedomNottinghamStuart Vanner


Attempting to kill infection invisible germs we can not see

Its there but we can not see

We just know it is there

Corona got us sanitising

Got the people realising

Coughing and apologising

Terrorised or terrorising

A few questions I have in mind

With no rules inplace that can be outlined

We are all confused by boris's speeches

If we can't trust our government then we ...

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ConstitutionCorona virus

Lockdown in the Local

The pubs are shut
The grass aint cut
The pints not flowing
The lawn needs mowing
The pies are cold
The snacks are old
The crisps are stale
The lack of ale
The jukey's quiet
The waitress fired
The buzz is gone
The fire ain't on
The food disposed
The doors are closed
Goodbye my Local

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PubCorona virusLockdown


Our total deaths have  ballooned since  I wrote this and it was reported over and over on the news that sober total deaths of 31,000.. At first during lock down I felt quite prepared isolation isn't new for me   but after learning all your life to get out then  being pushed back inside  all thoes early feelings resurface    again.

All information
Was inflammation
Arriving later than a British...

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Corona virusdeath

Face Masks

We have all been told to cover our faces
In all of the shops and most other places.
This should not be something you are dreading,
As we do this to stop the virus spreading.

Of face masks there now exist a range,
And at first we may all look quite strange.
Are our masks bought or home assembled?
And like Hannibal have we then resembled?

To wear one is surely an expectation,
Those who ...

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Stuart VannerFace MasksCorona Virus

Dear Kate

Dear Kate

The challenges of the jungle, have stood you in good stead

little did you know back then, a greater battle lay ahead

As a celebrity in the jungle, your personality shone through

supported by your lovely family, justifiably, so proud of you.


The interview this morning, so touching, presented in your style

despite the pain and suffering, you still managed to raise a ...

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tvlockdownCorona virus

A 20:20 Vision

A 20:20 Vision


On the one hand, it’s thumbs up for this lock down,

For hand on heart, I prefer a gentler town.

We’ve lost our human contacts, now back in touch,

A world for reaching out, with more time and much 

Space for taking and for making stock.

We knead our dough, and minds unlock,

And saws are sharpened in this time of rest,

When breath and nature seem to teach ...

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Corona virushopenormalLockdown




As I walk my hour a day

A golden army line my way

Stood to attention tall and proud

Paraded together, a nodding crowd


Wild, strong and free they grow

Against stone walls and in hedgerow

Dancing and swaying in the breeze

Sheltering under the budding trees


A fanfare of trumpets, glowing bright

Dazzling rays in the spring sunlight

Elegant and ...

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daffodilsCorona virusnaturecheerful

The "Corona" Special

So we all know this is bullshit, this thing called Corona Virus,

My friends and I don't wear masks and now people won't stand beside us,

Damn it's crazy that people still watch the news,

All they do is lie and it's owned by the Jews,

That doesn't make me a racist so please just relax,

Just look up the definitions and make sure you know your facts,

Can't you see this virus is one ...

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americabrainwashingconspiracyCorona viruscorruptiongovernmentlieslock downmedianewspropagandatruthtyranny

WE live by the hands of others

We live by  the hands of others

Not seen by you or me


They pass the parcel

Stand at the till

Nurse the wounded

Or keep order


We live  by  the hands of others

Not seen by you or me


Our hands scrubbed clean and safe




We  live by and are grateful to others

Who have to live day by day with that terrible fear

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NHSCorona virus

The Daily Count of Lives

746 (six fell in love more than four times)


673   (twenty had no regrets)


714   (five could still feel their first kiss)


643   (twenty-seven looked at photos of their loved one each morning)


547    (seven had contagious laughter)


517   (hundred regretted that their beauty had faded)


468   (thirty-five had worked in the same job all their lives)



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coronavirusCorona virus


maybe it’s natures way of telling us

to slow down to reset a bit to take stock, 

to turn inward and then outward 

in kindness and support


maybe I’m just saying it’s a good thing 

in the long run, a reassessment of sorts.


weeks ago who would have imagined 

an ethical Tory, clear skies over Beijing 

who could’ve have foreseen the sacrifice 

we are to make for the...

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Corona virus

2020 Spring

Poetry, written by Ali Taha Alnobani


A metallic alien object with plastic gaze

Without emotions, and no feelings

It holds tapered forceps and a magnifying glass

It runs on the empty street

Like a spooky ghost

Like an absurd robot

His eyes are round, red

His nose is crunchy squared

And his voice is like air when it comes from the hole of a sick object


Now h...

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Corona virusDeath by Virusreal life storiesdream of freedomfreedom anywherefreedomspeakopendoors

What COVID-19 taught me

Generosity is trapped in a photo
shared on instagram and liked by a thousand
tearing privacy into tiny shards

Emotions are sold by traders
disguised as "reporters"
and kindness has become a drug,
supreme to Tylenol

humanity is glorified as
a noun only to be used
on selected human "kinds"
that a racist can never be sobered

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Corona virushumanitykindness

The Next War Is Here

The Next War Is Here


Out there, we walked quite friendly up to death,

Sat down and ate beside him, cool and bland,

Asked of his health and shook him by the hand.

Recoiled in horror at his fetid breath.

Before the world went crazy, he was there,

We treated him as though he was a fly

Who we could swat away - and never die.

We were invincible, without a care.


Now ...

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corona virusday 8deathfightnapowrimo2020the next warwarwilfred owen


​​​​​​Call the trade descriptions police...we've been sold the wrong spring this year!!!!


Like a metal coil


In a tense, uncertain


And when the pressure is


Many mere mortals, by then


They thought that


Was daffodils

Now life has fallen

Almost still

Invisible, silent, viral


The question is

Do we 


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SpringCorona virusNews

Herd (Co)Mmunity

Stir crazy, 
my mind’s hazy. 
Penned in like chicken 
that never lays...
e-mergency broadcasts 
and a merging of powers. 

When did we surrender control of the supply chain? 
I hear vegans got beef
with carnies, 
but you can’t get the show on an empty road.


Do we even know where our food is grown? 
Butcher, cheesemonger, greengrocer, and farmer... 
were stripped from our com...

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Corona virusCoronalifefarmingcommunityeconomicsworldagriculturelovepro-community

The Coronavirus Poem

All too little, 
Too late 
As the Coronavirus 
Takes down the world by mistake.

Government officials standing behind gates
As it rains a blood of money
To keep the economy straight. 

Waking up the public to a doom
Which is highly frightening
For me and you. 

A war with the unseen.
Watching loved ones turning green.
Mortals inflicting pain and death.
Born from the innocent creatu...

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Corona virusdeathpoemsreallifevirus

Music in me.

Music floats
Through my veins,
Brings me back to
What I am.
I sing and sing again
To kill the silence outside.
My songs, directly from my heart,
My hard chords,
A resistance
Of all what's forbidden.
My passion resists
In the middle of sounds
And chaos.

©️ By Magical whispers 

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Corona virusSilencemusichealthresistanceforbiddencancelledmusicianfeelings

End Of Days

Ends Of Days


The fact that I’m quite anti-social

Is a blessing in dark times like these

When you’re treated like a pariah

If you develop a cough or a sneeze

When they’re telling us to wash our hands

And not just after we pee

When I’ve been doing that for years

Because of my OCD


I’m also a bit of a hoarder

It’s always been one of my goals

To ensure I have ...

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Corona virusself isolationhoardingpanic buyingpaniccommon sense

Chinese Whispers

Chinese Whispers


We thought we’d done everything right


Taken precautions to self-isolate

Avoiding those risky types

Who would pass it on

Making sure we didn’t


Pass anything on ourselves

Fourteen days later

We thought


We’re probably safe now

Safe to come out

Safe to mix with friends and family

Once again


But no

We’d b...

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corona viruschinese whispersspreading false factsfake newsoverblownfear-mongering

Corona Virus

Corona Virus is sweeping causing panic and fear

Many lost to it now. It's in the uk it's starting here

Pray that a vacine can soon to found ? 

Stop the corona in its tracks, don't hang around 


China god bless you, so many you have been lost to it 

Do something God, make it go, we don't need this sh..

Pray that is all any of us can do. Pray people won't you

Banish and stop...

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