Herd (Co)Mmunity

Stir crazy, 
my mind’s hazy. 
Penned in like chicken 
that never lays...
e-mergency broadcasts 
and a merging of powers. 

When did we surrender control of the supply chain? 
I hear vegans got beef
with carnies, 
but you can’t get the show on an empty road.


Do we even know where our food is grown? 
Butcher, cheesemonger, greengrocer, and farmer... 
were stripped from our communities
as corporations got larger. 


Do as thou wilt but no do harm, 
surrounded by snakes...
surrender to charm.


We’re distanced for awhile,
but community can return...
with fat and full hearts,
there’s no thinning this herd. 

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Don Matthews

Thu 19th Mar 2020 21:57

Nice one......

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