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A Letter


Kind, brilliant, bright

Strong and gentle


Understand how to see and feel

Appreciate the beauty that is


Cherish it

In its incredible, ever changing, unpredictability

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Kerala Visit

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kerala is peaceful and beautiful 
in all cases and places 
Keralite people are so cheerful 
I can read "welcome" on faces 


The Green Carpet of all guests 
and pure nature to enjoy 
generous people happily smiling 
at any time of any day 


Life in Kerala based on love 
and clear hearts for caring 
I love Kerala more than enough 
I'll come back sure for sharing 

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Some Friends are necessary for life. 
As the air.  As the water and food
Those friends, help us, to survive 
In our hearts running, same as blood 


They offer faithful trusted advice
And always keep the shining smile
Show satisfaction pureily, so nice
Have bounties tool, deeply as Nile


They never get argument to complain
They ever look for the cheerful talk to ...

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