Attempting to kill infection invisible germs we can not see

Its there but we can not see

We just know it is there

Corona got us sanitising

Got the people realising

Coughing and apologising

Terrorised or terrorising

A few questions I have in mind

With no rules inplace that can be outlined

We are all confused by boris's speeches

If we can't trust our government then we can't trust our teachers

If you stop and think once in a while

The queens Son is a pedophile

If that's not a problem

Then I dont know what is

Its in our face but we dismiss

Jail for drugs but the prisoners get drugs in jail

The complete system is a complete FAIL

Mass injustice ..Abuse.. child prostitution

Rewrite the rights  this joke constitution

ConstitutionCorona virus




Josephine Underwood

Tue 6th Oct 2020 08:43

Very nice. Thoughtful and provocative.

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