Our Covid

All Great Britain has now seen
How dreadful is Covid-19.
While it is hard to make predictions,
We hate all these dismal restrictions.

Has Nottingham reason to be in fear
Now it is placed upon the second tier?
For its people what shall this mean,
As we envisage this depressing scene?

While our politicians fight their wars,
Recall us being long cooped up indoors.
So many people do not wish to see
A return to lockdown misery.

As we all share in this cruel situation,
We do suffer universal frustration.
And we hope the end is drawing near,
But then ask: Where do we go from here?

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Sat 17th Oct 2020 16:01

nicely put.

I understand we have to do whatever they believe will help slow the virus... buti also, as time goes on, begin to wonder.. at what cost?

Many people are still unable to get mental health treatment, as far as i know they are not doing it right now for the most part. And at this point, the mental health is declining massively for a large amount of people.

There are people suffering from health sectors being closed off for periods of time or for the foreseeable future, who have pre-existing or newly discovered health problems.

Not enough people are being tested daily across the country at the moment...

I wonder, is there a way this could be handled better, but if so, how are any of us to know? This is such a confusing and chaotic time, and i find that the confusion on what is right or going to work increasing by the day.

I just hope that we don't lose too many people to other health problems, whether it be mental or physical health related, between now and the end of this pandemic.

It's a scary world at the moment for sure

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