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She's a creator
She's always bright
She's a general 
in black and white.
She put's her problems
down on the line,
She's out of control when
nothing is fine.

She means something,
she keeps something,
she means something,
something away,
to me,
from me.

She is so calm
when no one is around.
She's a believer
with hands on the ground.
She's a poet 
fingers on the screen.
She's ...

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 is not yet an old soul. Such apprenticeship has not yet begun.

Studiously she watches as you cite your second hand wisdom. 

Bested by her innocence,  such familiar nostalgia withers like the thick layer of dust it hides beneath.

Shaken and bruised like brine against an ice cube,  the vermouth of your ideals is poured into an ill fitting glass.

Left feeling dirty you turn to d...

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She (Pt. 3)

She is silent.
She is the breeze through the trees.
She is the moisture in the air.
She is the pause before a first kiss.


Her hands reach into me.
Pulling my insides out--
Putting my heart on display.
"Does this beat for me?"

She is temptation.

She licks her lips at the sight
of my blood on her hands.
Her eyes meet mine,
I am her puppet.


My mind does not...

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