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Effect Divine

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Where have the words gone?

Emptied vocabulary I wonder!

I can’t frame a single praise…

Biscuits she offered me politely

I had only peanuts to exchange.

I looked a savage in my own eyes

And she, a harbinger of change.


No thoughts about her for days together

Although she is cynosure of my eyes,

My stillness added to the inner solitude

Yet couldn’t create the effect I thought.

Her enchanting voice did the trick

My ears melted to hear her once again,

She was a woman and no more the chick.


Her usual serenity was now her effervescence

As my senses lost the power plural.

Her presence was no new but I sensed

The ripples of her beauty had created an echo;

And suddenly I found myself caught in between…

Not wanting to budge but I had limited options,

I had to retreat although I wasn’t very keen.


Tresses of hair open and waving colored brown blonde,

Face partially covered in pink veil revealing eyes alone.

Vegetation colored apparel guarding the curvature fine…

Epitome of beauty, she looked no less an enchantress;

The heart that I had put into chains a month back

Beat slowly first then swiftly and then looked uncontrollable

I soon realized I was under a tremendous infatuating attack.


Sudden disappearance was the option lone

I slipped into an adjoining room to assess my condition;

Breathing profusely I could feel what I had went through.

I took medicines to put to rest my volatile reactions

I knew that I had to do so quickly before anyone came,

I closed my eyes, dreamt her once more but alas!

I knew this time the condition wouldn’t remain the same.


There is a race – forties prompted by age and pace.

On the contrary there is youth and dreams,

There is vigor, flavor, attributes and ideas to explore.

In the amusement of her mid twenties a reflection,

A choice of time that I cannot turn back to but…

I can watch her enigma though only to thump my heart,

Her world isn’t for me and if it is, it is closed and shut.



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