Lust or Gravity?

I thought gravity is the real gangster,
It's nothing Until I met you.

I fall to pieces when I'm with you,
Where I Cut into pieces.

Pieces to Crumble.

Crumble to melt.

Melt to garpes all of your shades.

Shades to chew your emotions.

Emotions are danger and glamorous that it can open all your needs.

needs are so dark, darker than your black lipstick.

And your lipsticks are ...

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Super Girl

I was one of your cold nights earlier. But today I am full eclipse.

I am raw sand for you. But if you come to me, you will slip into it like I am your worst mire.

But I am very calm like the sea.
And I can also drown you in my dark depths or I can give you an edge.

Even I am not a burnt skin for you, I am a fire.
And if you near to my body, you will become one of my ashes.

Today I'm ...

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Her back, 
She appeared as her wings. 

Her eyes,
She showed the flames kept in it. 

Her jeans, shorts or any of clothes, 
Not just clothes, she showed her as a pearl hidden in the river. 

Her fingers, 
She showed as the waves move in the sea. 

Her Nails,
She showed that it was a stone peace that was part of the mountains.

Her Lips,
Well, it was a sweet poison, cha...

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#girls #she #tale #lovefiction #women

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