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Flat Packed

It came all wrapped in cardboard
I got it in with a violent tug
She says, I'm sure you'll have it built and left me with a hug
It opened like Pandora box, pieces spread around the floor
I knew I'd have to borrow tools, from Fred at number thirty four
There's two number ones, screws and dowels in many little packets
She measured the space and ordered it, God I better hope it fits?
A degree ...

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Men don’t like to show their feelings,
So they must seem strong and tough.
And they must not show signs of weakness 
And while some are refined, others are rough. 

Men deal with one thing at a time,
As they cannot multi-task. 
And while at times they may need help,
They are then afraid to ask.

Men do not like to return things,
As it’s awkward and a hassle. 
But they love to be king o...

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Stuart VannerMen

untitled pillows

untitled pillows


Dawn disclosed it –

Light from an honest butter sky

Reveling in a freelance body next to me,

With our fragrant attraction

As dried up

As an Atacamian kiss.


I put in me

Sweet, sweet whiskey

Sweet scorned man.


Back then, under the accents

And sweet reprieve of street swept skies

We had clinked our glasses several times

In mome...

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sheltered soul

A sheltered soul is not soulful.

He’s hidden with worry and exhaustion.

Because the thought of pursuing is tiring,

Is damning,

Is embarrassing.

In a space that is too wide

There’s too much interpretation for the open.

So instead he closes himself softly,


He’s never been told.

He’s never been asked.

He’s never known that a sheltered soul is not soulful.


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Ella's Fitter

Her pearly teeth gave me migraine

I was awed by her withering voice

Her feet bigger than dustbin lids

Ella was my one and only choice


Riddled with human deficiencies

None of us are perfect after all

Ella was well aware of her limits

She was less than four foot tall


Yet she boasted hidden talents

She could easily manage a top C

On piano she matched Rubinstein


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"Hey Woman"

"Hey Woman"

I met a female

and thought
'hey girl'.

and thought
would I say
'hey boy'.

and said
'hey woman'.


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Cultus Decorum

The bladder alarm rings, it’s time to go

No platted legs will dam this river flow

Locate the door, and start to walk

This is when we cease to talk


Brace yourself, we are going in

Assume bland face, we must not grin

Place hand on wood and push the door

And hope no one’s pissed on the floor


Cabin or trough, that is the choice

Are you man or mouse? begs your inner...

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Out Loud



Let your voice be heard 
Surely you earn and win
Let ideas more cleared 
For all women and men 


Tell me what do you think 
How did you see yourself? 
Freely talk, no blink 
Why to keep it on shelf 


Open mind and heart 
Nobody is remaining fool
Surely you're smart 
To become happy and cool 

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Layered Cake

Layered Cake

I’ve known many unsavory characters from my home city of Manchester

There’s the ex-demolition guy who took a great dislike to me

Did he have visions of blowing me up instead of my old car?

He had a trainee apprentice in the wings and had connections


I knew several football hooligans who fought for what?

For England, their home team, themselves, for violence?


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I'm Done

Why am I constantly the toy

of a man child's eye?

Then supposed men tell me,

I need someone like them?!

Something doesn't make sense...

Maybe it's me...

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Cookie Lucky

Cookie Lucky

There goes a cookie

I'm feeling lucky!

Observed the RAF aircrew

When the huge bomb blew

An explosive filled dustbin

Made of little more than tin

Killing more damned Germans

The blame was all Herman's

Sending the Krauts to Hell

Sound of the final bell

Dead in their beds at night

What an awful Satanic fright

We gave them a real blitz

Enough to m...

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Friday Night, We Walked Along The Beach

Friday night we walked along the beach
talking over a static sea
through all we wearily witnessed this year
still we speak in riddles
the way men often can
it only gets harder as you get older
weighted with expectation
You didn't turn to face me
kept your eyes fixed on the horizon
said 'she's pregnant' 
with a pregnant smile

Black boots kicking stones across wet sand
choking out cong...

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Sitting on the bathroom floor sobbing

wondering if others

converse with people who are not there


To those that have torn their hearts

into tiny pieces


the invisible people who were vapor

when their bodies were in the room


Irina Dunn coined the phrase

a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle

I repeat that to myself often


I wonder how ...

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We're the throw away


The use em and lose em



Like old cars

you trade us in

for new models

After  putting 

one hell of alot of miles 

on us


One man's trash

is another's treasure


So here I sit

on the Goodwill's shelf

like the Velveteen Rabbit

Waiting for


a Real Man...


By Lynn Hahn

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For Whom To Fish Or Hunt


I will not write about love or separations,

About types of men are my cogitations.


Number one is a man of super class.

Abundance of them goes to the mass.

A car is the main thing in his life,

He marries it and it becomes his wife.

He is free like a bird and forever in flight

The highway he travels days and at night.


Another one here seems to be ...

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Sitting patiently atop his tree camouflaged

against the enemy, the sniper waits.

For three days and three nights he has waited

to do his duty for Imperial Japan.

Along the trail walks the enemy. Alert and ready

but not looking up, for this is where the sniper is,

waiting, watching, ready right now.

Levelling his gun, he takes careful aim.


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Gerry Potter interviewed by Dominic Berry about 'THE MEN POMES'

'The Men Pomes' by Gerry Potter
8pm, 29.2.12 - 3.3.12
Studio Salford, Kings' Arms, 11 Bloom Street, Salford £7 / 5
Tickets can be bought on the night at the door or bought online

Creator of Chloe Poems and writer of smash hit play 'Miracle', Ge...

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